Monday, October 25, 2010

Wow, Super Long... I like it that way.

Today's blog posting, that is.  It's super long. Bwaahahahaha!

Yep. Bored. Rain, rain, go away. And I don't mean "go away by ceasing to be 'rain' by turning into my least favorite version of precipitation-" I will recognize you, even if you disguise yourself as snow. You do that and you will be sorry! I will get out a hairdryer or something and melt you.

I've done very little lately. Kind of ashamed to admit it.  The Dog and I spent the whole of the weekend watching scary movies. Which I HATES.  So why watch? Um, the only other thing on at this time of year is Evangelist TV. And QVC. Yawn. And I am too lazy to even find a DVD. (Rain is demotivating.  It is my kryptonite.) Besides, the Dog enjoys them.  The discordant tunes usually tweak her interest and make her do the cute head turn thingy.  So we watched Cujo.  I found the movie very stupid- however the Dog's reaction was the scary part. She liked it. A lot.

Example: When Cujo did this-

 She did this. (cute head turn to left)

Then when Cujo did this:

She did this. (cute head turn to right)

She was studying Cujo's evil behavior. I swear.  She wagged her tail when Cujo ate the police office and whined her happy whine every time he tried to ingest the mom and kid.


Let's just say that after watching that I made sure her rabies vaccine was up to date and have kept her very well fed. Just in case...

Oh, I have done something! We started a new round of beginner agility students this past week. Two rounds, actually! Nice small groups for once. There are some fun dogs, it should be an entertaining winter session. There is an adorable junior handler and her equally adorable 9 month old mini aussi. Somehow they both managed to fall down and get stuck on their backs turtle style.  Love them! The Dog enjoyed her tasks as Demo Dog, her favorite part was showing the other dogs the awesomeness of the clicker. Click-treat-click-treat-NOM!

And... happy 1000 site hits, little Project Go Dog Blog! Just noticed that the other day, and I like milestones, however teeny.  Balloons are nice.

Ok, party time is over (Dogs says But we didn't have the ice cream yet?!?!). Now it's research time. The Dog needs a new trick. Gotta hit up YouTube for something fun. Tricks we can do when the rain... and eventually snow... push us indoors... and she is turning into a couch potato (Do I have the only lazy border collie ever??). I'm thinking something along the lines of "hugging" since she's good with her front feet.  Unless anyone out there has any suggestions??

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