Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here we goooooo!

On the road! Somewhere in Wisconsin!
Going to Cynosport!

...and I'm bored. Already napped. Already ate some food. And already asked if we're there yet enough that no one will talk to me. So then I started to take some pictures of the dogs (see, boyfriend I use my camera you got me!) and now THEY are bored of ME. So now I am watching our stowaway fly. Named him Barfy since I heard they barf or poo every time they land. Ew. The Dog. HATES. Flies. She thinks they are going to bite her butt. So it's kind of entertaining to watch her check her rear everytime Barfy zips by.

The Dog and I had a great practice yesterday. I set up the 2008 European Standard course from the Nationals and she rocked it. It was pretty hot so her jumping failed soon after but her contacts were solid the whole practice. Dogwalk speed held up with the stop. Yes!

We rented time at a gal's place to practice tomorrow. Last ditch effort for success!! Since we have four evil girls cooped up together we thought it was necessary so they don't go crazy in the ring Tuesday.

And speaking of the girls. Thought I would mention our guest Go Dogs: Pirate a.k.a. White Dog and the Dog's teamie, Rio a.k.a. Black Dog. Reports on all three girls, all week long!!

Barfy just landed on the Dog. Damage control!

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  1. What a great blog. I will be watching (with excitement) for p-updates on the girls as you go through the week. Good luck to you and Carol as well as Shiver, Pi, and Rio. Nancy, Reason, Score, and Schema