Sunday, October 10, 2010

At the KOA...

Kamp On Areas?
Konnect Our Appliances?
Killed On Arrival??

Mom said it stands for Kampground of America. Huh. Never would have guessed that. Glad it's not the killing one. Next, the mystery on why a K has been utilized over the obvious choice of a C.

The death of Barfy lead to a huge decline in available entertainment for several hours. Fortunatly Barfy Sr. lived on (assuming he is senior and it was junior that passed as no fly with any senior life experience would land on the Dog's nose and allow himself to be eaten)so after the Dog noticed him she flipped out in some pretty entertaining fly-related PTSD episodes.

I did try to watch a movie but SOMEone (ok its me) gets motion sick when watching movies, reading or doing anything interesting in a car. Plus dads banana hammock was swinging in a wooze- inducing fashion that made things worse as it really is impossible not to stare at it... And by 'banana hammock' i mean hammock for bananas, not a mans speedo.

Meal number 2 and nap number 2 filled out the rest of the afternoon. Then we arrived, played obedience lesson with the Dog and Black Dog and now we are staring at each other. Yay kamping.

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  1. Ok talking about your dad's banana hammock made me kinda sickly for a second...No more talky abouty K?? :)