Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cynosport Evil #1, Day 1- aka the day something happens

European Standard

We got to do something finally!! Yay check in! It has never been so fun to set up or stand in line for red wristbands/banes of existence as you must not lose yet must take off cuz they are dorky.

We checked out the rings- today ours will be a pretty paisley colored ring with Easter appropriate equipment. White Dog and the Dog like this. Glad we are not in the main arena for this tight course as that equipment is HUGE. I would lose track of the Dog behind a wing. Plus it would feel like I'm tiny like the Indian in the Indian in the Cupboard.

Alright so just two hours until more activity. I'm going to feed the Dog candy corn until then so she will like me and listen up later. Or barf up. That's the thing about the Nationals- you never know WHAT will happen!

And I already lost my wristband. Nuts!

UPDATE: 38.74 with one refusal

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  1. Good luck on course!! I have been enjoying your posts - Tammy E. sent me the link - she thinks you'll be better at keeping us up to date than she would be :-)