Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cynosport Evil #2: Day 2 aka Team Gamblers and, wait no, still just one class!

Let the Team Tournament begin!

This morning I woke up early and along with the Dog, went up to snag course maps so we could start planning. Alas none were there. Aha! The volunteer coordinator was surrounded by competitors clambering for information on map location. She yelled, "tell you what, I'll get them if you all sign up to work!!" then ran away while the competitors grumbled. I, however, decided to stalk her- shark style.

Ba dum.

We stalked all the way to Broadbent.

Ba dum Ba dum Ba dummmmm.....

She led us to another secret room and another lady- this one was the Big fish- she had a box of maps!!!

Dun dum dun dum dun dum....

We took chase after the Big fish through the pavilion.

And... Cornered her in West Hall.

BA DUMMMM!!! CHOMP. Course Map!

Rules might help, but there are many. On course gamble of jump weaves for 10 pts, the closing is triple points from in the gamble box. Start and finish on opposite jumps. No back to back or contact to contact in the opening. Good Luck All!

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