Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Update After Standard Cuz it's Dinnertime!

We are done with the warm up run in European Standard- Black Dog went first and went clean. She had excellent response and even kind of a stay at the start. Wow!! One scary LOOK at the tire on the way out after the Aframe but that was it!

White Dog was clean too, she got her Aframe contact! That in itself made it a great run.

THE Dog was a good girl, she did have one teensy refusal from 4 to 5 (the 180 turn)- I KNEW she would assume wrap/Threadle on 4, and sure enough! Other than that she was fast the rest of the run, hit her contacts, and did the weaves with no complaint (and, dare I say, with speed even?).

Obviously we aren't able to watch everyone we would like, but the runs we saw from fellow MNers were good too. Overall from Group B outside of MN folks, the course took quite a few victims. Many off courses into the tunnel after the dogwalk, and the chute to tire-serpentine also was tricky. Can't say that Shocked me but I didn't expect the dogwalk to jump ("NO NOT THE TUNNEL!!!") to get so many dogs!! We decided that it was everyones' 'running dogwalk' and that they hadn't gotten to the turn portion yet.

Team Gamblers tomorrow bright and early! Yay!

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