Thursday, October 14, 2010

Are We Having Fun Yet?

So day three has passed, two more classes done! Being the halfway point, I think it's a good time to ask- are we having fun yet?

Well, let's look at what I've got: a happy dog- plus! She is running confidently for the most part and has had respectable times where I can compare. I think The Dog is having a good time, and what has surprised me the most is how well she is holding up to the "pressure" of stress/excitement. (Normally she would collapse like one of those cool collapsable water bowls from the Clean Run vendor...)And believe me, there is a ton of stress and excitement. Walk early, run late, watch dog after dog "whoops" every thing imaginable on the course, racing around to get to where you need to be just to make sure you're there for the delays before your run with your reactive dog... Sigh. Stress!

Now let's look at how it's going:

In Team Gamble, she ended in roughly the middle of the pack, due to some mega missed Aframe contacts. The team of Dog, Black Dog and Brother Dog (Seeker) was above the cutoff after this class.

She had a nice run with minus one Aframe contact in Steeple today, so that took her out of Round 2 range (nice time, but not enough to get under the cutoff with a fault).

She finally had a clean run in Team Standard- yay! I feel much better getting that under my belt. Hopefully we can carry this over to tomorrow's Grand Prix QFs. Our team hopes may have died after a teensy off course by Black Dog (jump cluster *BLEEP* was a real *BLEEP*)but there were so many "whistles" that I can say with some confidence that it ain't over til it's over.

Add to this roller coaster of high and lows the fact that I have inhaled the 1930's Dust Bowl. Yep, it's all here, right in my nose. So I'm feeling a bit congested.

So- is this fun?

Hmmm... There is a fuzzy warm ball who sleeps on my feet no matter what happens. This is the best thing ever. :)

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