Saturday, October 16, 2010

3 Sock Pairs Remain- It Must be Saturday?

Life is an agility haze right now. I've found the only way I can remember what day we're on is by studying remaining clean clothes. And that's alright with me! Though it's been so long since we were in real life that I am going to need some serious help reintigrating. What's a car? Problems overseas- huh? Job? What mean JOB?? I feel like this is the way life should be. In other words... Don't make me go back, please!

That's right, now that my hopes are effectively dashed I am able to enjoy myself. I really disliked the pressure to move into second round status and the "must do good or will have wasted life/money/Dogs time she could have spent eating" mentality. Now I remember that none of it's the end of the world, or the point of existence. I can remember this for next year, since there is prety much always a next year.

The above should tell you that Grand Prix was not good yesterday. The Dog's hatred of all things poles that come in sets of 12 reared it's ugly head and she chose (despite my sufficient body block, hand signal and commands) to blow around me anyways and take Mr. Tire. THEN she did the weaves. Bummer! The rest was awesome! Solid contacts, good speed and picked up on all the other crazy cues. I even handled the start in a risky fashion (pulled to the right side of number two, between the jumps), since I guessed dogs would go that way, and they did, and we pulled it off. Oh well. We were in good company. Black Dog also took the off course route, into the wrong end of the tunnel. Then we saw many many dogs go off course
after us. I think at this point only three MNers are advancing. Including White Dog, who was fast and awesome. Her contact on the A has been great all week- good White Dog!

We also ran Team Snooker. The Dogs team with Black Dog and Brother Dog had plummeted out of qualifying range after Standard, but we all logged respectable enough runs in Snookers to get back up to 40th- only 12 points behind finals range now! The Dog was actually awesome in Snookers, she listened like the good girl she is and did my whole plan well.

White Dog's team is still doing well- they were first, then 7th after Snookers. Only one class left to survive.

We had lots of fun watching the Performance Grand Prix Finals last night. Tango and Winn were
awesome. It was really nice watching some old favorites compete again too! Tonight we can cheer on the Gators in Steeple Finals. See, I can actually enjoy this now!

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