Monday, October 11, 2010

We Live in RV land now...

And it's a tough, rugged land. It's dog eat dog out here, fights are breaking out left and right for territory. The land rush proved fruitful for the Lemches and we have only had to shoot one or two trespassers so far.

Just kidding.

It IS pretty busy now though and RV land is quickly filling up. We got in pretty early before the crowd hit and got a nice spot by some old friends. Which is good since we have a common dump hole thingy and water thing. As you can tell, I am learning lots of technical RV speak. Other things I've learned:

You need a dump pipe long enough to reach the dump hole or bad things happen

Airports are not made to accommodate RVs but if you go in the wrong place to get your rental car airport officials will escort you about for free to make sure you don't destroy the airport

You have to remember to close your blinds when you are in RV land.

After settling into RV land we set out with the girls to make our rental practice time. Practice went well; the Dog was HOT and jumped like trash but listened very well and nailed all contact zones and weave entries. Black dog was awesome and had good start line work. White Dog was typical perfect- the big test will come later for her though; we are hoping her shoulder holds up and doesn't stiffen up after a rest. The main goal was to get out the evils, so major success- they are all wiped out.

Excited that in less than 24 hours we will be walking the first class! Trying to test with this and post a picture below of sleepy Dog at the table. If it works I can provide fast updates with courses and results in picture form. Otherwise we will see how much news I can produce- hopefully I will be faster than USDAA's site last year!

Mmm, margaritas and bad western now!

No-Go Dog

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  1. This is Terrific!! G Go Girls!! No boys welcome? Seeker will be Crushed!