Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dog…or Decepticon?

So in case you aren’t a young boy, fan of Michael Bay movies, or giant nerd, Decepticons are the bad versions of Autobots from Transformers (you know… “Robots in Disguise?”)

Outwardly, a Decepticon could be anything- in fact, their disguises inspire safety, trust or at the very least, innocuousness. For example:

Oh, how nice- a lovely police officer, patrolling for the great good.

But once a Decepticon transforms, you can see what they are REALLY like:

Relevancy? I’ve been wondering lately…

Ruh-roh, Is she on to me?
Or Decepticon??
Sometimes it is really hard to tell what I have here. Cute, cuddly exterior…but something is lurking below the surface. Something so naughty I just have to wonder if my puppy is REALLY just a puppy.

Preliminary research leads me to the following conclusions:

If every game turns into a life or death battle…
"I will rule the universe, even if I am the only one left in the universe." 
If she would rather destroy the bathroom walls than eat a dog treat…

If she knows no boundaries and eschews what is Right…
Toilet Paper.  Stored up high for a reason.
And here it is.
If she plays with her prey and shows no mercy…

If she rejects all forms of captivity or control…
And if she can couple with another Autobot to form a mighty mutant monster…
Transform...And roll out!!
Definitely a Decepticon.

There you have it. The verdict is Decepticon!

My only hope is that others may learn from what we have discovered here.

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  1. I have to say, Shenna, after reading this that I *may* be a bit concerned for your personal safety!! :-)