Friday, May 20, 2011

Training Rapture: Probably the Only Kind of Rapture Happening this Weekend.

Of course, it WOULD take the impending end of the world for The Pup to finally start to grasp the concept of dropping an object in another object.

If you've been here recently, you may know I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to shape the "put it in" trick.  (Though seriously, WHY would I want TWO dogs that try to drop toys in the toilet??? I must learn to think these things through). It was in our homework for the ST course and we were failing MISERABLY. Seriously.  I whined and whined on the class forum about my failures. I whined and whined on a previous post.  I stupidly reinforced this trick further with The Dog in order to feel like I wasn't less of a trainer/human being. 

I tried about 50 different approaches. But still The Pup just looked at me. Or did 'monster.' Or took the object and chewed on it. Or ran away with it. She certainly didn't bring it back or try to drop it by the bowl.  We couldn't even shape the most basic part- taking it and holding it. Every time I clicked, she let go for the treat. Clicking without treats (playing with a toy) meant not a lot to her.

But Duh.

Wrong approach.

ST told me it wasn't actually about the hold, but the drop.  I should let her take it, and click for dropping it, as she was going to do anyways, near the bowl (which would be conveniently close). Then in the bowl.

Big. Fat. DUH.

10 minutes later- she has it. 

OK, so I still don't feel like much of a trainer for not thinking of that myself, but whatever.  I don't need all the answers. I have to learn too. Click/Treat me!

So, if the world ends, at least we got #4 on the homework.


  1. It's so much fun to watch her learn! I guess that's why Silvia gets the big bucks for her online courses. Can't wait to see more.

  2. YAY SFAM generation TWO! Actually it just dawned on me they can be soul sisters SS :D haha

    really sucks that you finally get that and now it will all be lost tomorrow! However lets just hope there is agility in this other world- where ever we are going :)

    BTW my comment password was exacto- thought that was odd