Monday, May 16, 2011

Pony Up, Hollywood

I’ve got a great idea for a movie plot. Here’s the pitch-

The Pup sees dead people. 

See, Gary Spivey, the psychic who is always on KDWB, says that pets are often able to see spirits. Whenever someone calls in to the radio station complaining about their pet doing weird things, like staring off into space and then running away suddenly, he says that they are seeing ghosts and demons. Creepy.  

Creepier still, The Pup is always doing this.  I’m convinced that she sees Ceiling Ghosts. One second, happy go lucky puppy, the next, fixated Ceiling Ghost Hunter.  Great.  After all my effort trying not to buy a haunted murder house, I probably got one anyways.   It would appear that On The Run training school is haunted as well. They should look into that.

So far, the ghosts don’t seem too evil though.  On the other hand, they might be possessing The Pup, which could explain the random acts of naughtiness like why she is always stealing my Flip and trying to eat it.

These days Hollywood seems to be all about sequels, so I’m sure they could use this as a follow up to any one of their recent blockbusters regarding the paranormal.  

So there you go. I’ll be expecting my advance any day now, thanks.
Speaking of movies- here is my most recent video of the girls working their tricks for the ST course:

The Pup is a pivoting genius now- got some helpful feedback and we seem to have corrected the problems we were having there.  She’s also doing great with 2o2o with side feet and handstand.  This weekend we actually got a few that were independent of an object.  She is NOT however doing great on the concept of taking a toy and then giving it back.  One of the assignments was to start shaping getting a toy and putting it in a bowl or similar.  Ugh. Have hit a wall. The size of the Great Wall. You know, the one in China?  Serious breakdown here- she will get a toy…and run away with it. Or, she sees no point in holding the toy to begin with when there is food present.   

So in order to not cry from frustration I let The Dog play at this trick and then I feel warm and fuzzy and like I am not a bad trainer after all.  She loves this trick. Best trick ever. Won’t stop doing it. Toys dropped everywhere- including the toilet and in my salad bowl if we don’t pay good enough attention.  Oh well. At least I was able to teach it to her to begin with.

Both dogs are also working on hugging a pole. The Dog learned this already with just one paw, so she is learning to use both paws.  The Pup just perfected ‘monster’ so I’m going very slowly to maintain that while she learns to touch the pole at the same time.  The Dog also has learned a cute leg lift trick. Silly, but it took a long time- her rear-end awareness training was extremely limited so she typically forgets those back feet exist. Now she knows she has at least three feet. Yay!
Oh, and BTW, The Pup’s official Breed of the Week is Cattle Dog. Even a lady with a real Cattle Dog thought she was one.  Love AKC people, they always have the best guesses- so very rarely do they ever go for the most obvious: a mix. Hoof beats equals zebra and all that. 

Go Dog and...Cattle Dog??


  1. AWESOME!!!!
    I particularly love the background 'music' when The Dog is doing to pole trick ;-))))

  2. Hahah!! Was wondering if any of the BS ppl would pick out that signature sound! ;)