Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pre-Cynosport Meltdown

T minus one day until we leave. Not going to lie, but I'd feel more confident if I were heading into an ancient Roman Colosseum...complete with man-eating lions and tigers. And why is that? Well, first up- it might not be my first rodeo, but it is my first in about a decade. And I hear things have, uh, changed. 335 22" dogs! Eek! This format is going to be so stressful, boring, exciting and- here is hoping- fun.

And to add to the stress over the event, there have been developments in the Dog's training- of the not good kind. For starters- running dogwalk contact is on the shelf until after the Nationals. Not axed for good, but definitely not ready to take it out to the main event. So yes the Dog is back to quick release stops for the next 8 days. Just hoping she doesn't bring the Creep back. She has not been doing it in practice and hasn't lost a lot of time over the whole obstacle, so fingers and paws crossed.

Second issue- Dog is showing her disdain for the weaves in a new fun way. By completely avoiding them at all off-course costs. She is fine when she gets in, but the getting in is the hard part. Hoping for weave entry friendly courses.

We will see how this goes! Getting there in one piece will be half the battle. Go go gadget RV! Departing MN at 6am sharp.

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