Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shooter McGavin, Serpentine Breakdown, Fortress of Solitude, and the Unwanted Guest.

Prepare for media explosion!!

First off, we have to go in order since I’m Type A, so please meet Shooter McGavin.

Er, at least I think that’s his bio.  All I really know is that he is a super fancy camera that’s WAAAAY beyond me.  I like him because he takes action shots at 10 frames per second and does many more cool things I will probably never understand but at least have a prayer since he has a super fancy on-board HELP MENU! Yay.  

He also takes HD movies which I played around with and yep, they sure are HD. Whatever that means?

So, voila.  Media explosion compliments of Shooter.

She likes the Aframe, it makes her look taller.
Exemplary Running Aframe.
Ummm, at least it's not technically leaping?
Happy Dog technically leaping in tunnel.
One might think she liked weaving, huh?
But she likes ENDING the poles the most!
Hmmm, just noticed The Dog always has the same face. 

Banking the tunnel!
Getting extension!
Do you think that's in? 
Yeah! Separation! In! Awesome!
Flying the Apex is the best part EVER.
Shooter also made an appearance at the WACO agility show.  He helped us capture the magic third place Team moment. Goooo Team!  We figured it was time finally for a cheesy team shot, since they had a cute little podium and all.  

BFAM, The Dog and one shifty eyed Black Dog.
It was an interesting trial. The Dog had some very stellar runs and some very unstellar runs.  Usually she is little Ms. All-or- Nothing so it was strange to have so many ups and downs.

Negatives were a LOT of knocked bars. Yikes.  Maybe her most ever down in a weekend. The flooring was not optimal and she has been doing a lot more 20” lately.  Hoping that’s all that was?  Also very bad were weaves.  When she actually entered they were good and fast, mostly, but hitting entry was not so good.  She ran fully by them TWICE. Naughty.  Not even trying is not really ok.  She did get much better over the weekend though.  I’m thinking by the end of the first day she was just exhausted- 8 runs was too much. 

The super ginormous naughty was the death of her ability to read a serpentine- even a really obvious one. This caused two off-courses and one almost.  By the third day I ended up having to pretend she was The Pup and make it preschool obvious what I wanted.  I have no clue what caused the breakdown.  Only hoping it was temporary…

(Because this time next week we will be checking in at Cynosport!  Thinking hard about goals and expectations… hoping to have more fun this year… want to make second round for both GP and Steeple… no Es… do well in Team so we can make the finals. I think I can expect our Team to be able to do well enough and I think I can expect to do well in Steeple.  Maybe I would be better off just making sure I have more fun though.  Expectations seem to be my enemy.  Ahem, Regional.)

Anyways, good things from the weekend were placing in all her qualifying classes (except a dismal Snookers run) and being #1 22” dog for Team.  She also had strong dogwalks at the start which fizzled a bit on tough courses, then got a bit leapy, but then ended on a REALLY nice one for the last class.  I was very happy to see her come back on the last one.   

#1 CUTEST dog for sure, but that's every day.
The Pup had a very sad weekend. She at least got to come in the building, but had to be kept separated. We made her a Fortress of Solitude on the second floor, so I like the think she spent the weekend like Superman would, contemplating her own awesomeness. 

MY fortress!! 

MY toy!

Really, MY toy!!
What did I just say!!??
Oh, yes, also, meet the Unwanted Hotel Guest. Kindly dispatched by some kind of mystical Bug Wrangler by way of magic and an ice bucket. 

Google says he is a Centipede of the normal variety. Mother says he is a Giant South African Poisonous Centipede.

We gave him to the front desk.  

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