Friday, October 21, 2011

When Jumps Attack and Other Scary Things

As promised (warned?) here are some of the gazillion pictures taken over the course of as many days spent at Cynosport. 

First, RV livin':
Sweet sleepy girl.
Can you believe it, no posing for this one:
Head tilt!
I think it was good enough for 
White Dog the Pig reckons herself an awesome kitchen assistant.

Only one pepper was harmed in the making of this dinner:
Hungry piggy!
The Pup is still working on her Pig status. 
Pleez push nom closer, can't reeach!
And then of course there were all the BS Reunion/Smackdown pictures. 

I don't quite know what is wrong with my dog's face in all these pictures. But I can easily see how she came to sprain her jaw after sorting through...
Pirate impression? Argh matey? 
Sadly, there were about 20 shots of her doing this. Mean sister! 
Though she still looks pretty sweet with a hunk of Sister in her mouth...
Sister's fighting style is um, bodily

And then meeting Brother Crime for the first time as big kids. 

He liked them a lot. As in REALLY liked his sisters. 

So much love. 

A sweet Angel who would NEVER try to eat her siblings:

And as if that wasn't enough, we threw in all the OTHER sibs too! 

Handsome older brothers:

The Pup LOVES this particular brother. Until two days later when she tried to eat him. Oh wait, she would never do that?

A swarm! 

And of course, a requisite clone picture. 

So anyways, after a little hiatus we went to practice last night before the classes I teach. The Dog was back to her normal amazing self; even a bit improved since her Aframe was all kinds of awesome.

I couldn't resist setting up a small portion of one of the courses at the WC- the section on the Agility course where the A entry was hugged on both sides by the tunnel, with a wicked approach. She nailed it; in fact, was a veritable genius regarding all kinds of discrimination. Now, naturally, I want to punch myself for worrying so much about that Team Snooker course. Live and learn. 
The Pup was the one that REALLY blew me away. I told her to study a certain Border Staffy VERY carefully while we were in Kentucky and I guess she did! Or she just really missed her time to play. 

There was even a fun class happening next door and she stayed focus on me the whole time. 

Not too shabby for my little ADHD baby.  
She was very fast and into jumping more than before so I took advantage to start working offset lines with her and other interesting jump formations. She was great! I love to see her actively searching for jumps, since she prefers actively searching for me more. 

I ended up running her on the same sequences as The Dog. I learned that she largely prefers me to stay out of her path- front cross are ok as long as don't squash her speed or in the case of wraps. Wraps are allowed. Overall though, she seems to prefer a very subtle side change. 

I think it's a good thing? 

Because she wants to keep running and not slow down?

Good, right? 

So just a different form of path management. 

Whatever it is, its very cute. 

I do love my genius baby! 

And I love how baby dogs keep you so honest in your handling. 

No matter what The Dog feels about The Pup, she will thank her in the long run when I remember to run clearly and not stand there with my arms pointed all directions like a sign at a fork in the road...
Oh, and a jump kicked my butt yesterday. 

No, not when I was running. 

I was standing there, directing clean up.

I was holding a jump wing casually.

Then all of a sudden, down on to it I fall. 

Did it trip me? Decide to collapse? 

Use tae kwon do take down tactics? 

I don't know. All I know is that is smacked my face (bloody fat lip today!), bashed my knee (looks like I'm hiding ostrich eggs under my patella!) and the metal jumps cups left a bruisy, scratchy trail down my other leg.   

Today I feel like I was in a car accident!

It totally kicked my butt. 

So if you see me in the next few days... NO, it wasn't The Pup!! I SWEAR- THIS TIME SHE IS INNOCENT!!

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  1. Super cute pictures!!! What fun to see how everyone is doing in their homes!