Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cynosport Travel Dictionary, 2011Edition: Boredom

The Cynosport Travel Dictionary defines BOREDOM as Wisconsin, as in "boredom is the state of Wisconsin."

I wouldn't laugh if I were you, Illinois. You're not much better. In fact, you may be worse since you have the gall to charge for your complete lack of scenery. Haven't we paid enough without the obscene tolls??


Yes, this means we are on our way to Louisville. Travel via RV means slooooow with lots of extra time allotted for equipment malfunction (which in the case of this RV is pretty much a given). Plus we like to get there early enough for nabbing a sweet parking spot. Location, location, location you know.


So let's see. How do we feel this year? Last year I was crazy excited and running high with expectation. I remember drilling The Dog to within an inch of her life (in a FUN way), freaking out about our bad dogwalks and putting a stop in about a second before we left, not to mention training myself with workouts and good food and stuff. And yet so wholly unprepared.

Oh how times have changed!!

I'm not really fussed this year. Last year was the 'first'- a test, and the start of lot of lessons. Freshman year.

Sophomore year is Soooo much better. I know my way around, know lots of fun people, what to expect, and that all important fact that no matter what happens, it's not the end of the world and there is always next year. I'm totally ok with having eating only Vietnamese food for days and being lazy. I didn't bathe The Dog, not even one little brushing took place. We are still wholly unprepared but we have had a whole year of growth and the gift of experience so probably better off.

We did practice a little this week. Mostly dogwalks Wednesday, and although I know they can go either way at this stage, I feel better this year knowing where I stand. That we've worked out a plan (run baby run) and I'm going to stick to it- feeling resigned to our fate is a good thing.

In fact, run baby run is kind of the general plan for the week. One thing is clear- conservation has no place this week. It's one thing playing it safe to get a GP Q to get here but now is the time to just do it. Whatever IT is.

That's the thing you learn from watching FCI runs- the guy sitting in first won't stay there without pushing the envelope. Yeah yeah, they E'd, but they might have well just stayed home if they were going to give less than 100%, right?

So thats the idea. I feel good about The Dog on dirt, it's a good surface for her. I'm not worrying about bars. I'm just worried about showing up 100% so that I can at least say it was our best.

Now if we could just get out of Illinois. Seriously, I thought Wisconsin was bad...


  1. I'll be thinking of you and watching for updates!!!! HAVE FUN, and run like you train!

  2. Ha! Indiana is even worse because along with zero scenery, you have really crappy bumpy roads!