Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cynosport Travel Dictionary, 2011 Edition: Winning

Cynosport Travel Dictionary defines "Winning" as a pop culture term referring to an event of noted significance to one individual, though not necessarily significantly important to the masses.

As in, an E is totally winning.

Today was the warm up day- a redux of last years Grand Prix final. My one goal on this course was not to run clean really, but to make sure my girl had a fun confident run and to get her to REALLY run her dogwalk.

Mission accomplished!

She was fast and happy and ran her dogwalk like a champ. Thanks to a chiro work up she was moving great and jumping really well.

Of course, it wasn't perfect- I pulled a refusal before the Aframe and then let her take the jump after the dogwalk. Oops. I think I could have kept her on course if I'd bothered but I was too busy woo-hooing to work it. Don't worry, teamies, I'll pay attention when it counts.

I'm really happy now. Looking at video and being all Scientific shows me it would have been a fast round and well, she RAN HER DOGWALK! 1.5 seconds baby!!

So winning run- no. But winning on my terms? Totally.


The Pup also learned about winning, in her own way.

She got a giant romp with sister Triton and got to reunite with her two other awesome sibs Crime and Spanky (Er, VERY carefully with Crime!!).

Unfortunately Triton gave her the best toy ever- her first bully stick- and it's the Precious to her Golum now. She is spending all her time consumed with thoughts of the bully stick and obsessing over how to get it. When she gets it though... Mmm... Total winning.

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