Monday, October 10, 2011

Cynosport Travel Dictionary, 2011 Edition: Ready

Cynosport Travel Dictionary defines "Ready" as a state of maximum preparedness with a minimum margin of personal error (level may vary on an individual basis).

Ready as in, ready as we'll ever be!


We did get here, all in one piece, and survived the brutal Battle Royale over RV plot selection.

It could have been a difficult Final
Leg- We made it past a chemical spill that wasn't, skirted bridge closure jams twice without delay and even lifted a rental from the airport without needing to get our RV unstuck (live and learn-check!!). Been lucky really.

And then we even scored an RV spot no where near construction OR deconstruction. REALLY lucky.


After the site settlement, we took the dogs off for a ring rental. This is mostly to burn off the squirrelies of travel. We know no training happens at this point. (Remember- ready as we will ever be!)

But I do feel pretty good now. An extra shot of 'ready' if you will. The Dog was very good; happy and listening. Oh and her dogwalks were gorgeous. The first was a little awkward, but perfect after. Those dogwalks- may not be conventionally ready, but I will take those any day this week!


They also got a swim, so they are ready for a nap. Mission accomplished!

The only one not sleeping is The Pup. She wants to DO. Like, now.

Dreaming of being a Cynosport Star someday

Dreaming of more swimming!

Dreaming of... Not much. Loves Daddy. Happy BC!!

So, we are ready!

Bring it on, Play it Again warm up!

But first... Margaritas!

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