Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon…er, Now.

So, anybody got an intact male that wants to make some cute mixed breed babies?

Specifically, half Border Staffy babies?

Because The Pup totally can do that now. 


Insert Frowny Face Emoticon here.

My little Pup (who is so totally mortified that I’m going public with this BTW) came in. To season. ALREADY.  She’s only nine months old!!! And she’s all scrawny and stunted since I’m trying to keep her undersize!!  (Ok, not really. But she is very much like the little gymnasts you always hear about- you know, how physically delayed THEY are.)  

Does this mean she is done growing?

That might be one good point.

Anyways though, I knew this was coming… while she hasn’t been total bitch fest like The Dog was in advance of her 'special time,' she certainly was making her Baby Seal Face more.  And she barfed the other day.  Not that THAT tells us anything, but I still totally knew it was coming soon.

At least it happened before and not AT the show this weekend- now we can prepare to keep her hidden away like they do in other cultures (unlike here where people want to like, openly celebrate it… Woo hoo? Life’s greatest inconvenience has arrived 

Wondering now if it isn’t time to start kicking around a new moniker for the little lady…can she still be ‘The Pup’ at this point? We are open to suggestions.  I don’t want her to be all ridiculous like Lil’ Wayne, who is what, 100 now? and he still goes by Lil’

The other question is do I wait now for another cycle or try to spay her in the next few months?  I was just all excited because there is an AKC show set for about three days after she turns 15 months, but that would be exactly 6 months from now. Who knows if she will be an ‘on schedule’ girl or not?  I mean, she’s already messing with me.  Is it still popular to wait two cycles?  One side of the mushroom will make you grow taller, while the other will make you grow smaller and all that. Sigh.
As I said, show this weekend where we remember how to run USDAA before the Nationals. Er, World Games. 

Full day of ALL tournaments on Friday. That will be unique and exhausting. But the hosts ply us with strudel. The best on the planet.  

This is why we do agility shows after all, right?

For the killer strudel. 


  1. HAHAHAHA! That's exactly when Riot had her 'first' :-)
    Then the transformation occurred. She was ALL grown up and serious. Kid you not, it's like she matured overnight. I woke up to a dog that was ALL business and ME.
    Can't say I didn't like that ;-)

    And funny too. Riot made her AKC debut literally 4 days after she turned 15 months.


  2. Oh and actually Ri wasn't even 9 months. HAH!
    And she was ready for the next one in less than six months, so beware. I had planned to wait as long as I could until just before the second heat.
    Was told by the vet that she 'was in heat' already. Basically caught it the day before, therefore the blood vessels were slightly inflated and it took a little longer for the sutures and bruising to heal.

  3. My parent's Scottish Terrier went at 9 months as well. Smaller dogs = sooner, in general. I'd shoot for spaying @ 1 year. Late enough that you pretty much guarantee she's done growing but before her next heat. Unless you enjoy living with a dog in heat. I know I couldn't deal with it -- I had my parent's dog for a weekend when she was in and that was bad enough.

  4. Aww congratulations little one! My plan for any future girls is to spay after their first heat cycle but shortly before their second since the risk of Pyometra increases with each cycle.

  5. AMP says don't spay her- be a slut like me :) Hmmm maybe now Dmite will have some zest in her come back when AMP goes all beotch on her ;) Oh and I think her new name should be The Might mouse :) how cool will that be when she 100..tee hee

  6. woof! it's nice to hear it to you! Good luck! :)

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  7. I decided that we can call them puppies until they are 2 years old. I still call Letty a puppy. She's due to come in for her 2nd time in the next few weeks. The first time was right before I worked her at a Tracy seminar. The host was not happy about it but did still let me work her.

    To register a mix (or non-AKC purebred as a mix) with AKC they have to be spayed (or neutered). So, if you want to trial her at 15 months then you'd want to spay her before her next heat cycle. I wouldn't do it right when she comes out though. Let her body get more back to normal.