Friday, April 1, 2011

Puppy with a Death Wish!

OK, so by now you probably know the harrowing tale of The Pup inhaling a rawhide end bit the other day. She spent a very hairy 48 hours following that action trying to work it out again.  It was kind of traumatic for her- she felt awful and was scared and depressingly sad.

You would think that a smart dog would learn from this.


I was attempting to let her system recuperate before letting her have any more chews. She was not having THAT apparently. Last night she proved just what a diabolical creature she really is.  Fed up with the imprisonment of rawhides (the supply locked in a spare bedroom) and seeing the futility of pawing at the door any longer, she started wandering around the house, seemingly aimlessly.

She casually went under the bed- totally normal- but all of a sudden I hear “CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP.” Thinking she was destroying the bed, I reached under to fish her out. I pulled her out only to discover Hidden Rawhide Stash One. The little evildoer had placed it there secretly in case of emergencies!


Anyways, I took it away and gave her Alligator Toy.

However, two minutes later, Alligator Toy was found abandoned by the couch. Again, I hear “CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP,” this time behind me.  I turned to see her exiting from behind the couch, revealing Hidden Rawhide Stash Two.   

Thus began a high speed pursuit to regain the prohibited materials.

Let’s just say I didn’t get that one back without a fight.

THEN a few minutes later I hear her scratching at the puppy pen from the outside. Next thing I knew, she scaled it to jump IN and she uncovered yet another Hidden Rawhide Stash (number three)!!

I gave up.

I apologized to The Dog for thinking she had been stealing and eating the strips.  

I think I was outfoxed by a three month old puppy.
We’re leaving for Illinois for a USDAA show shortly- wishing slightly I was at the AKC Nationals though. I really want to go sometime! At least I will get more runs and less downtime at the show we are going to though. And it’s not dirt- yaaaay!

So in parting: a video of the girls. You decide- who is playing and who isn’t??

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  1. That naughty girl is one smart cookie! HA!