Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes You Just Gotta Hit That…

If you don’t have a bloggy, or have one but don’t really explore the features very much, you might not know that there are all sorts of statistics that Blogger, at least, puts together for you.  It has the obvious statistic on how many hits you get, but also some verrrrrry entertaining statistics regarding the traffic sources.  I love this because I’ve been able to find some new blogs to read and ‘meet’ some new people this way. But I REALLY love it because of the ‘Search Keywords’ section.  This generates what searches are giving your site the most hits.

While most of the ones listed are ‘normal’ and make sense (i.e. “Go Dog,” Project” or my name, etc) there are some that are really out there and hilarious. First, what prompts these Googlers to even string some of these words together in the same search box? Some favorites…

“Naaaaa nananana 2011” (What could that possibly be for??? No wonder the internet gave them me. It had no other option.)

“Cocaine Puppy” (Do they want it for their puppy? Did their puppy already have some? Is it a puppy made entirely of cocaine?)

“Cleaninig a Curse” (OK. I get this one- I dedicated a whole post to bona fide research on this point, but spelling errors make me say ‘tee-hee!’ Also most people wouldn’t search curse cleaning. That would be a removal, folks.)

“Pork Come Tree” (Again…what? Three most random words ever. Possibly entirely too kinky for my taste.) 

“RVs a Rockin’” (Also kinky. Yes, I had a post entitled this sort of. But unless the person was trying to find me again, they were in for a huge letdown. It wasn’t what you’d think!)

“Susan Garrett Cult Dog” (The funny thing is I get a LOT of variations of this. Why? I had never even mentioned SG until recently, but have had this particular search lead people to me forever.)

And then, for whatever reason, they apparently click on the little Go Dog link and are sorely disappointed.   Maybe they don’t bother reading the description that goes along with the generated post and are just impatient, but maybe sometimes you just gotta hit that link.
In other, relevant, news: Dog, Pup, Leader and Boyfriend are all still alive. Maybe the Curse of Threes won’t strike after all. The Dog ran very well at practice last night and showed zero signs of bother during, after or this morning. Wise mother says she thinks the scary bump IS a coffee table ding and not anything out of place. I have my doubts, but I supposed one way or another we will find out soon enough.

I tentatively believe we have something that is working on her DW. It seems she doesn’t get running and not leaping and she doesn’t get 2o2o either.  The only thing she seems comfortable with is checking in with me and pacing me off the board. I fought her doing this for a long time (for reasons agonized over in a previous post) but like the start line it seems to no longer be worth fighting over. It makes her happy and I think we can make up the time elsewhere on course (it raises the obstacle time to 2 to 2.5 seconds, depending on my timing) with better turns, tables, teeters (darn T obstacles!) and more consistent weaving. So we’ll see if we can get another show with actual consistent contacts.  If a pattern is established, then maybe we DO have something!

See what you think- 

And happily, The Pup is back to better health. She made it through the Scary Zone (Um, STUFF is moving through again so she obviously is not obstructed) and is clearly feeling herself again.  She ate like she’d gone 24 years instead of only 24 hours without any food yesterday and this morning was running her heart out from corner to corner of the house. 

Her new favorite activity (possibly tied to the starvation issue) is trying to find a way to bust into Mr. Garbage Can.  She has been ‘casing the joint’ for awhile now for signs of weakness. I feel her studying me every time I step on the peddle to raise the top. Could she really be figuring it out? I get the feeling that she is going to be in a kennel when we aren’t there for a loooooooooong time.

Evil Genius (on FB already but if you missed it!)- though you wouldn’t guess it from some of these clips… (ahem, Fun with Wind Up Toy…)


  1. Oh my goodness Dynamite is a rockstar!!!!!

  2. I love looking at the searches that land people on my blog! Always hilarious!

    I think her dogwalk looks pretty good actually. As you said it's clearly dependant on you and she decelerates a little but it looks nice. Some things just aren't worth all the time we try and put into them.