Friday, March 4, 2011

Dog Discovers Dynamite

It’s not what you think. No dogs were blown up in the making of this post.

The Dog has acknowledged puppy.  She finally admitted she existed, and it wasn’t just an excuse to bite her, either!  

Last night at bedtime the puppy got the insane zoomies. (Naturally, everyone is exhausted and ready to sleep but of course she has stockpile of energy. Curse you again, crack!)  She made a Frisbee stuffy toy her accomplice and together they went on a tirade around the house.  After performing several fly-bys on The Dog, The Dog finally took the bait and joined the spree.  Little known fact: The Dog’s favorite ‘game’ to play with others is ‘Chase the Dog with the Toy.’  She doesn’t want the toy, but boy does she want to race around after the dog.  And so it went, for about 30 minutes the puppy played keep away with The Dog to the mutual joy of both. Here is proof that the interaction actually took place:

So happy.
In other news, we’ve commenced with Operation Saturation (sounds kinda…gross…) which entails exposing puppy to everything on the planet. We launched a World Tour of sorts Wednesday to start hitting all the popular joints and “the regulars” there.

First, she got to come in to work for a few hours and chew on my coworkers. (In reality, she was very well-behaved for the most part, giving many tail wags and kisses. And at least she didn’t bite any of presidents. She did however attack anyone wearing earrings, wedding rings and bracelets. Girl has expensive tastes.)

Then we went to our ring rental time and she got to meet my mom finally and a few other friends, none of whom did she chomp on. She met White Dog, who believes puppies should be neither seen nor heard, and Black Dog, who gave her only the slightest glance which is all we were looking for at this point. She also got to meet a dog that actually liked her! Yay!  We did some recalls with her on the Smurf Turf and let her step over poles, sit on the table and explore.  The Dog let her chase her some while she fetched her toy.  Puppy is uncoordinated obviously and looked pretty drunken but had fun running as fast as her little legs could go. Which, all things considered, was pretty fast! She had to use The Dog as her drag chute though.

We also went to PetCo for a lifetime supply of rawhides (a.k.a. the only thing that will keep her quiet when we need to do THE REGIME) and she charmed the staff there into many free fancy cookies.  She picked out a bone for The Dog too which was pretty nice of her.
She slept well that night…

The tour continued with a trip to the vet here for the first time.  Direct quote from the vet: “DEAR GOD her heart is strong.” (Probably a good sign. The crack isn’t causing any damage.) She liked the vet as much as anywhere else, so she’s a bit weird like that. Also found out she is a whopping 6ish pounds.

Last (for now) she came with us to our class that we teach.  She passed the most important test of being fairly quiet in her crate while we taught.  She also played with a puppy, did recalls there too, practiced laying down and focusing on us with people coming in and out. Pretty good for an “ooo, shiny!” baby.  Puppy then proceeded to meet 10,000 people who have claimed her for a future flyball height dog. We will see!

Next up, the show this weekend. Hopefully she can behave and be quiet in her crate there too. She certainly hates being in there when The Dog and I are having fun elsewhere and I won’t have the option of shutting her in a quiet room. I may need to find some volunteer puppy holders. I think I will have a sign-up sheet next to the massage area.
The Dog gets the last word, since she is that awesome. She did her first cik/cap style turns in sequence last night. It actually worked!  I’m completely sold on this idea.  She also had rock star Aframe contacts even in some of the situations she has been failing lately.  She is such a good girl. (Nothing like a wild untamed baby to give you new appreciation for your well-mannered trained dogs.) 


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