Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Are One Sick Puppy, My Friend...

Oh my. If bad things happen in threes, then everyone I know had better WATCH OUT!

First, The Dog. There is SOMEthing wrong with her shoulder. I *think* (not a vet, never was a vet, only a really good Googler) that she has a ligament or similar out of place. She had this huge bumpy bump the other day and I thought it was a coffee table ding (she is a bit of a dingy dog). Now I know it was a swell around this SOMEthing, because it is no longer swollen, just weird.  I am hoping that massage and maybe an adjustment will sort her out.  I am also thinking of letting her practice anyways tonight since we are supposed to go out of town to show this weekend- at least some tunnels and low jumps. I want to see if she shows it at all when running. So far, nothing except a little tightness when I extend it.  Otherwise being her normal bombacious self at home.

...I might be blowing a teeny SOMEthing out of proportion, I don't know. I do that. Once a hypochondriac, always a hypochondriac, even on behalf of the dogs!

But no elaboration needed for The Pup's symptoms. Poor little raptor discovered that the world isn't made of sunshine and cookies, but sometimes poo and barf. 

I came home yesterday to a very sick tummy so took her to the vet. Once there she gave an amazing display of her stomach's contents via projectile vomiting. We all decided it was likely caused by the stolen and henceforth eaten rawhide end piece from the night before so she had some xrays and testing and stayed at the vet for monitoring for a few hours (there was a LOT coming out of her so she needed fluids) because they were of course worried about an obstruction.  Luckily she did seem to run out of innards and was able to come home for another 24 hours of obstruction watch. They felt pretty confident that one of her transactions contained the guilty party, but still gave me the anxiety-producing warning of 'any more vomit and get her to the ER for possible surgery!'

Once at home I had the saddest puppy on the planet. 90% of the night was cuddly baby seal hug time. She gave a half-hearted attempt at playing with The Dog but actually ran away from any food. Definitely not feeling herself! She didn't even want to chomp at all. So we all had a good rest night and watch a documentary on Earth which both dogs enjoyed greatly due to all the predator noises.

At this point, we are nearing the end of the Scary Zone (hour 20!!). The Pup seems much better, chomping at everything and was ravenous when I went to give her some soft food a bit ago. Wanted to romp a bit. I let her have alligator toy so that The Dog wouldn't steal it or want to play with it (since I am trying to rest her!), since she hates stuffed toys.

Oh wait, The Pup has a toy? Then The Dog wants it. More than anything on the planet.

Resting, Dog. RESTING. Not playing! I will not throw that! Especially since you stole it from a sick baby!

Sick Puppies still love documentaries with wolves.

But they also love to snuggle.

Now the only thing left is to wonder what's next?

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