Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Course Map Wench:


As if your ominous last updated post that appeared on my Blog Roll this morning wasn't bad enough, you also took down your site completely?!?!

What did they DO to you? Where did you GO? Why did you go there? 

So many unanswered questions. 

Well, maybe you left the internet in an under appreciated flurry.  Perhaps one too many judges came after you about posting courses or commentary (though I never saw any?) or maybe the throngs of site visitors became too demanding. Maybe it just took too much time away from training and trialing your dogs. The world may never know. But because I never said so, and maybe should have taken the time, you were my favorite go-to place for USDAA course maps. You had quite the catalog. Before every show with an unknown judge we would visit your blog to look up course maps to practice and prepare. I owe you many qualifiers. 

I wish there were an emoticon sad enough to explain the depths of my sorrow here. 

Who among us can take your place? 

Ugh, not me. I'm way too lazy and would fall apart under the pressure. I can't blame you for quitting. 

Here is one I like well enough. They have all the major organizations though are still working on matching the former's extensive listings. 

I think it relies on everyone to pitch in though, so don't be as lazy as me- post your course maps! 

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  1. No!! It can't be true!! UGH! MGD just gets cuter all the time! I think I have puppy fever!