Friday, April 15, 2011


Not really a fall, more like a graceful descent back into ‘real life.’

Our 13 weeks under THE REGIME are basically O-V-E-R. A few workout days left, but as today will be our implementation of CHEAT MEAL it all feels effectively finished.

For the record, it was pretty well worth the time and effort. My goals were:

-To relearn healthy eating habits
-To be able to keep up with the dogs better
-To be able to look good in skinny jeans.

Check, check, check!

I know, the third goal is kinda…wha-aaatt? I didn’t want to set a weight loss goal, but I wanted to have some physical measure that I could aim for. No, this absolutely doesn’t mean I know own and will don a closet full of skinny jeans and stretchy pants- How can you RUN in those? Besides, some things are better left a mystery.

Unexpected side effects included: lots more energy (no more afternoon naps caused by afternoon crashes!), better ability to sleep through the night AND wake up rested, really good skin tone, an excuse for us to go shopping (to buy smaller clothes!), moral superiority when eating my healthy food in front of someone eating a candy bar, non jiggly upper arms when waving, NO MORE MIGRAINS, the discovery that food actually has natural flavors, elimination of 99.9% of all cravings and feeling what can only be described as Light. Not in terms of weight, but something else. Just a nice feeling.

Regarding the food stuff, seriously, I didn’t realize so many things actually had their own taste. Apparently all the salt in the American Diet, like, dulls your taste buds or something (succinct summary of a REALLY long article). At first things seemed bland, but after we acclimated, so many items tasted good-naturally! Amazing! Example:  I now absolutely love plain yams. That is so crazy to me. I was also amazed at how eating properly (good portions, the “right” stuff, and periodically throughout the day) really killed the cravings. I didn’t think it was possible to not NEED marshmallow-y , chocolaty, peanut buttery, salty THINGS.  It’s like… you only crave things because your body is lacking SOMEthing (maybe not THAT thing), but if you get enough of what you need up front… that feeling vanishes.

Oh yeah. Except for pizza. Pizza has nothing my body ‘needs;’ it’s all in my head. My head really, surprisingly, determined that it could not live without pizza.  I can’t believe I am psychologically dependent on pizza, of all things.  Ok, mind, you can have your silly pizza tonight. And wings. And a beer. But we are going for a run first! 

So… yeah. It was tough. But I would really recommend for anyone looking to make a change.

Though- warning: The dude on the videos liked to use the word “buttocks” altogether too much. 


  1. Oh that so hit the spot, so to speak.
    I've been on this 'eating better, living better' kick for the last 3 months or so, minus the living better part cause been sick but, yeah, totally learned how much sugar/salt addiction costs the body. After finally weaning myself off the sweet/salty cravings my food portions diminished as well and the body seems naturally satisfied.
    I'd say whew, just in time for some serious agility training to start, as Miss Riot is getting very serious about those running contacts ...... :-)

  2. The things we do for our dogs! :D
    Congrats to you too for kickin' the habit. Here's to handlers who can keep up with their dogs! Can't wait to see Riot's contacts rolled out! :)