Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Pup Loves Everyone...Except CYBORGS.

OK, so until now The Pup loved everyone she has ever met. Even the vet. Who took her temperature. (And it wasn't the kind that goes in their ear!) Yeah, she is strange like that.

Today's walk in the park (ha! Not!) revealed something she completely and utterly does NOT like:


Well, at least that is what she thinks they are.  In reality, it's just babies in strollers, dudes on skateboards and kids on bikes.  But the whole 'people on wheels' thing was apparently foreign to her and QUITE the cause for alarm.  To her, it was an all out invasion, Battlestar Galactica-style.  The Dog rolled her eyes and kept walking as The Pup waged war back against them.
"No cause for alarm. Unless you don't throw the ball."
Giving "SHIFTY EYES" to that baby in the stroller...
What could I do? I didn't want to stop her...on the off chance that they were those freaky Battlestar Galactica cyborgs.

You never know!
Cyborgs...balls... they've each got their OCD 'thing.'
Anyways, aside from our Vigilante Patrol for Cyborgs (a.k.a our walk) we also did a hefty amount of training. Very structured. And wouldn't you know- progress was made!

I even remembered to get proof (for once)!

First, some video of The Dog working on all manner of jumping. Mostly her cik/cap style turns, but we also practiced backside jumping, pull-throughs, serps, threadles, 270s, 180s and blind crosses too! (Just running 16" for now to keep the turns tight. And because that grass is dang dry. Ick.)  Don't worry, for all that, it's a short video.

Next up, The Pup working on her e-course homework (her back-up is so cute! IMO... which is law, since it's my post! ha!) and showing off her ability to wait in her crate. Not exactly reliably or patiently, but getting there.

Finally, a video of The Pup working on her agility equipment foundation. Kind of had a breakthrough with her running the plank for her toy today. She was quite into the toy all of a sudden. I was even exchanging the toy for food and she kept up her interest in the tug. Also showing her table status and the jump work.

Like I said- productive couple of days here!  I've totally got Spring Agility Fever.

Have to enjoy it while I can because soon I will have Hay Fever. Blech.

"Look ma! No choking! Thanks, Harness!"

K, Bye! Gotta go now! 


  1. OMG Dynamite is so ADORABLE!!!! What a smart cookie :-)))

  2. Cyborgs are VERY VERY SCARY...just sayin'...