Thursday, February 3, 2011

What To Do When You Can't Even STEAL a Cone.

Naturally I wanted to start in on our homework from the seminar right away.  I thought that turns would be a great place to start- easy to do inside, lots of reward- fun!

I have no architectural poles inside the house.

The tree is buried outside the house.

There isn't a single construction zone for miles (where else would I get a cone???).

It turns out, my house is devoid of proper objects with which to shape a turn. But then I saw it: 

Surely, with a bit of imagination, even the lowliest everyday toilet paper holder can become a super special TURNS producer?!? 

Ta-daaa! A true Cinderella Story. 

Even better than what you see on Extreme Makeover! You wouldn't even know that this had once been used to dispense toilet paper!

I know, I know. I am going to Menards and getting a cone. 

For the record though- it did work! Until it didn't.


  1. OH goD, she's gonna poke an eye on with that thing!! Looks kind of like a bird perch. I'll bring you up a chicken in the spring! G

  2. Excellent - if Tammy brings you a chicken, you and the Dog can have eggs!! Home made eggs are the BEST!! :-) Have fun at Menards!!