Monday, February 28, 2011

Cuz I'm T.N.T.

"I'm Dynamite!"

Making herself at home within milliseconds. 

Haha, I've been waiting awhile for that intro to prove useful. If you don't get it...AC/DC. Also, please get out from under that rock you must have been under since the 70's.

Anyways, yes, her name is definitely Dynamite (On Target's T.N.T.). I FINALLY decided after I FINALLY got to meet her yesterday. Big name for a tiny girl, but she should grow into it. (But not too much so, I hope!)

With all my worries over the day, it went pretty well.  Minor plane issues, just enough to make me extremely uncomfortable about whether we would survive and/or arrive at our destination.  I did NOT however have any puppy issues. We managed to tire her out before we went back to the airport and she pretty much slept for the three hour wait and two hour plane ride. She did get to meet several friendly DFW staffers and also several restroom patrons (as she horked in her kennel a little and needed a quick clean up. I guess my walking pace made her a bit nauseous? And I was trying so hard not to have that happen! I even practiced...).

Sleeping angel despite my attempts to keep her up before the flight.
At any rate, we got her home in one piece and proceeded to plop her in the snow to finally get a chance to go to the bathroom. However, she wasn't having thatSnow is Evil.  She preferred to hold it. Until one in the morning. And then three. And five. But hey, at least she was as against going inside as outside! I just felt bad for her. ModeratelyLess so at three in the morning. 

This morning I tried all manor of things to make it easier- I put booties on her and fashioned a 'coat' for the time being:
Washcloth? Or super high fashion dog coat??
Limited success. But on the plus side, she certainly doesn't try to linger outside. 

As for the Boyfriend and The Dog, well, reviews are mixed. I think Boyfriend was sufficiently charmed.  I do not think The Dog was. But she was a bit kinder today. I would put her on the scale as 'tolerant' today. And she did finally look at me again (last night I felt the icy cold sting of The Dog's disdain. Brrrr...) 

Here is a small snippet of the two girls playing together. (And when I say together, I of course mean, the pup is playing and The Dog is in the vicinity playing simultaneously but absolutely not "with" as how can you play with that which does not exist.)

Overall, I too feel very charmed. She is quite a sweet little thing.  She is absolutely undiscriminating in her like for people. I've been calling her a narcissist's dream; she has this thing where she targets you and gives you a direct assault of infatuated love and amazement at your awesomeness. I am also amazed at how much sense she seems to have for such a baby. Not overly 'death wish' bold, but seems to asses things and makes a clever decision about how to act. She was a bit scared of the shadows and of going downstairs, but other than that confident and has been great with the transition. Proper social skills with The Dog too (not that it helped). I'm not sure I would call her agreeable as she has her opinions (on the snow and about going  down stairs) from which she is not easily swayed but she is certainly amicable and will no doubt be easy to live with.

As long as all food is hidden. Holy cow is she a chow hound. This is the one area she lost her little baby head. She could moonlight as the Cookie Monster. But we were able to start with clicker work right away so works for me!

So glad she is here.  Now the fun begins. Hope the snow melts soon for both our sakes.


  1. How tiny! The washcloth really helped for a comparison. She is adorable, I hope The dog acknowledges her existance soon.

  2. OMGosh - cuteness overload!!! You are going to have a FUN summer with her!!!