Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's the Final Countdown!

Just three days! 

For those of you who suck at math...That is way less than 10!

But, exponentially more difficult to wait through. Ugh. 

I must say that it has been torturous the past few days as three of the new puppy moms have already brought home their little bundles of joy. Very happy for them... but torture for me!  

Pretty much the only thing getting me through this difficult wait is the preparations. Thank goodness that Saturday is going to be full of cleaning, dog bathing and hiding of precious items (or at least moving them up  to the highest shelves) because without the distraction I would probably run to the airport and steal a plane. But even MORE therapeutic than the! With all my worry about how this would work out, I nearly forgot that there is no better excuse for uninhibited expenditures than a new puppy. 

So I bought a new special dinner bowl...
Dog is very excited- second bowl means second dinner...right?
And I found some animal sacrifices...
Can we please file for a stay of execution? Puppy teeth are scary!
And since she looks like a tugger I bought several tuggies to accommodate all stages of hostility... 
My guess is-we will need to upgrade to the super tuff tuggy pretty fast.
In case she actually acts like a puppy and not a Decepticon I bought some baby toys too. Cute widdle baby Kong and soft widdle bone. And adorable mini tennis balls. Though I think her mouth looks pretty giant already...
Ball Inspector would like to test the balls now please.
And last, what is better that a Wubba with a face? Nothing! Except a Wubba with a face who is also pink and is modeling the cute widdle baby collar I bought. 
And this was the last time the Wubba was seen alive... 
Perhaps I should skip the baby collar and go right to the full Hannible Lecter containment unit. Here I thought I was getting a sweet little baby but all signs are pointing to the opposite right now. Squawky little hellions seems to be the descriptive phrase of choice. Don't tell the Boyfriend that though- I told him they came practically trained and probably didn't even know HOW to bark.  Wonder if I should have aimed a little lower with that statement? 

Gee, I almost forgot! I ordered a custom agility leash too at the show last weekend. (Bad sign when you buy SO MUCH you can't keep track of it.) Now only... 16 months until I can use it. That will be great motivation for getting her trained and ready to run. What? It's a really cute leash! 

Hurry up Sunday! 


  1. Can't wait to see her... LOTS of pictures please!!

  2. Oh you crack me up again.
    Yeah, but soooo know that feeling.
    Excited for you too :-)

    Oh and WHERE in the world did you find that wubba with a face????? I WANT ONE!


  3. Skip right to Hannibal Lecter!! May the force be WITH you TODAY!!!!!