Sunday, February 13, 2011


I had my doubts. I reallllly did not believe that this REGIME was doing anything for my cardio endurance. After all, it's 90% strength building exercises. As you know, I feared a complete Viking Transformation- I thought the end was to become a slow and lumbering mountain of muscle who was only quick with an axe. Or worse yet.. no results.

Time to eat my words (but with no salt or sugar added).

I went to the gym today, on this Day of Rest (Well, and Day of Stretching.), after four weeks on THE REGIME.  I hopped on the elliptical, turned the level to SkyRocket and before I had even broken a sweat, my timer sounding the workout's end beeped. What? Hadn't I just started? I wasn't breathing heavy, was not winded in the slightest. OK. If I can take about five minutes off my average mile time and still have energy to spare, then THE REGIME is for real.  I was sorely tempted to see how much longer I could last, but I had a feeling it was much longer than my day warranted.

...because it is grocery day! And a super exciting shopping trip at that since after week four, WE GET TO CHANGE FOOD!!! A new menu starting tomorrow! Hooray! Though I completely love all the new things from the first four weeks (turkey burgers, turkey bacon, soba noodles, jerk pork, welcome to our home as permanent staples!), I am very excited to have REAL CARBS again. Bread... I have missed you so! Brown rice could never take your place. I promise to never be irresponsible about your consumption ever again.  Because while I am so happy to have you, I'm so much happier to not have the extra pounds that I suspect were largely due to my attraction to you.
Totally awesome healthy fridge! Just ignore the wine...
Four weeks down, nine to go! I'm sure they will pass even more quickly than the first four, now that I have Life Under The Regime down... and because I get BREAD again! Now if only I could have pizza... but I will survive! The scales have literally tipped in favor of THE REGIME.

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