Monday, December 6, 2010

The Pork Giving Tree Christmas Miracle

I think I have an idea for a new Christmas Special: The Pork Giving Tree. It's all about wishing and miracles and the Power of Christmas.

See, once upon a December Night there was a hungry little Border Collie. She wished she could have more than her regularly prescribed boring dinner for dogs. The little dog gazed longingly at her person as she chomped on her much more awesome dinner of Chinese Fried Pork. The little dog had heard about Christmas Miracles because her people had been watching non-stop Holiday movies. The dog understood that miracles can happen when you are the most in need and if you wish hard enough.

So, she stared at the Christmas tree and made a very special wish for pork.  Santa heard the little dog's wish- since he sees AND hears you when sleeping and awake- and felt so bad for the little dog that he granted her wish. He sailed some Christmas Spirit her way and *POOF* the Christmas Tree became the Pork Giving Tree. A piece of pork danced out of the branches and the little dog jumped at it with joy and gulped it happily down.  The dog was happy and full and had  learned the meaning of Christmas. The End.

Or at least, that is what happened from The Dog's point of view.  She looked so sad that I tossed her a piece of pork. My aim is poor; it went into the tree next to her and bounced off the snow globe ornament into her mouth. However, since she hadn't seen me throw the treat, she assumes it came from the tree. Now we can't get her to stop poking her nose into the tree or licking the ornament. All the glitter is gone.
Pork Surveillance
In other news, we had the AKC show last weekend. Both goals were accomplished- have FUN and finish her OA.  The Dog did such a great job; she was really booking!  Very technical courses on Saturday and she did great on both (And even had an awesome time in JWW- that is saying something! We work so hard to be competitive in Jumpers!). On Sunday she had a slip in JWW, but ran clean, though it stunned her momentarily since she rarely falls. Then her Standard run had a silly teeter bypass (not the first time for that certainly), but her Aframe and Dogwalk were amazingness defined. I am betting that minus the refusal she would have had a killer time.  We are having so much fun running lately! BOTH of us! I can't even describe how happy it makes me to see her run this happily. We are all happy. Another Christmas Miracle! Happy.

Arg! Make way for my return!
Badish news- I have so done something to trash my wrist. So much pain and limited use now.  I think it was exacerbated by course building. Should have seen that coming. Not sure what triggered it though. I had a yucky cyst earlier this year that went away... he better not be coming back! Although I sort of miss his company. Yeah... I gave him faces depending on our mood for the day. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Don't ask me why he is a "he" though. No answer for that one.

Anyways! I am thinking that in the spring I will try to get The Dog on some sheep. I know she is not exactly from herding lines (it's there, but buried. Deep. But we have hope since Brother Dog is a lean mean poultry-herding machine!), but it would be fun to at least check out her instinct and see how she reacts. Then I will go from there.  My secret wish is to have one pet sheep and have The Dog herd it around the yard. A super cute one... like this little dude. Wish I knew what pasture he was frolicking in. He would be mine.

They stay this size... Right?

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