Monday, December 13, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow Was Right!

Or, "Why all Minnesotans need a snow blower."

Not much to say about it- the blizzard came, we have no blower, the Boyfriend's arms are now tired from shoveling. And is it any wonder?? 

Mr. Six Foot Privacy Fence, meet Mr. Snow Drift.
 The Dog says... where did the backyard go? Whaddaya MEAN we can't get outside to go potty?

We decided that it might be prudent to try and take a dent out of the accumulation around 4 pm on Saturday- right in the middle of the blizzard.  Here's the view from safe inside the garage:

You may be thinking, geez, that's not very nice- you just took pictures of the Boyfriend as he slaved away with what might as well as have been a tweezers for all the difference the shovel made in trying to move all that snow??


But, technically, I am the Project Leader. My job is leading. Not shoveling. Someone has to direct the snow removal. And provide historical and anecdotal documentation for future reference.

So, I took a pretty picture of our wreath. Which somehow got snowed on from inside the storm door?

Saturday was a futile attempt. We resumed the excavation Sunday. 
The Dog wanted to come assist me in surveying the removal job. Until she got cold. And bored. Then she started leaning back towards the garage.
"If we aren't going to play, can we go in an get a snack??"
Oh wait, she didn't want to go in. She wanted to attack my camera.
Seconds later, she got a hold of that dangling strap. Oops.
I distracted her by reminding her how much she loved jumping on the banks. Sorry for ruining your edge work, Boyfriend.

Ok. That was fun. Now what can we do to avoid work??

Hey, Dog, check out that drift in front of the house!
"All I see is a bunch of snow... what am I looking at?"

Taa-daa! It WAS over the front windows, but my job was to clean them off. Yay me.

Checking in on the Boyfriend...still shoveling! Looks like he is repairing those edges.

While he worked hard at that, The Dog continued to attack the camera so I took off her collar and let her play with it, ruining the edge of the banks again. It was a fine toy!

The Dog enjoys Blizzards.
Oh Boy! Look who finally finished!! Ooo, I think you missed a spot on the left- you get that, the dog and I are going for some cocoa.

See you next Blizzard!

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