Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do You Dream Agility?

I had a dream recently that I was running a Grand Prix round at the Nationals. It was so real! I walked the course, sat and watched the course eat dogs alive, then walked a mile and back to get The Dog. Then we rocked it! I woke up with a start, a bit breathless, and thought "THAT was a fun course. We need to try it for real."

So I designed it on paper as best as I could. Granted, the dream course had the tunnel nearly IN the poles so it is significantly easier on paper.  Also my Word program is not exactly the Clean Run Course Designer.  Close enough though:

So what does this mean? Dog agility isn't in the dream dictionary. If you dream up a full fledged realistic course are you meant to be a judge? Or, if you run it well, are you oozing confidence in your team via your sub-conscience? Am I telling myself I do this TOO MUCH? Not enough? Or desire MORE from it?

Or maybe I just had too many Christmas cookies before bed. Either way, I have our next practice course ready to go, so thanks for that brain, no matter what you're trying to tell me from your deepest recesses.

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