Sunday, December 26, 2010

Because I Failed At Cards...

I want to make sure everyone received the good Holiday Vibes I sent out yesterday. I will continue to send these throughout the week, so don't worry if you haven't felt it yet- I am sure the airwaves are inundated with good vibes at this time of year so transit may be a bit laggy. Rest assured though, we wish you ALL a warm holiday season and hope you already experienced a cherry Christmas.

At the very least, we want you to feel as though you've been a part of our holiday exploits. Enjoy!

Holly jolly ornament to get you into the right frame of mind...

A happy little Go Dog showing off her favorite presents from Boyfriend and a festive new bow:

Posing with her new doppelgänger Pillow Pet.
Yes, I really, REALLY wanted a Pillow Pet.
This is awesomeness defined for me.

The 1000th iteration of an effort to get ONE nice holiday shot of all the girls together. This is the best. Ugh. Lacey either stared at the camera in mortal fear or gazed into oblivion. Thought oblivion was more Christmasy.

Black Dog being So sweet and keeping her mom company. All night. And trying to bite anyone who attempted to usurp her position. Truly the meaning of Holiday Spirit.

Holiday Cat! Quite cute when not trying to maim and destroy.

And here is The Dog gearing up for playtime with our new toy that Santa brought. She thinks it is slightly better than the bath kit she also got.

May this be the first of many automatic downs!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Do you know where Santa picked up your table? Dare and I need a table to work on our impulse control games and that is a cute one!