Sunday, September 5, 2010

MAC: Days One and Two Recap

Super Serious Start Line GO Face.

Hmmm. WELL, Not sure how we are doing on our goals. Reviewing that tomorrow. But having fun so far!

Jumpers and Gamblers Qs. She DID run clean in Standard, but a fault ended up on our sheet. No one remembers a 'close call' (Dog says believe me I was on my best behavior. I am the first to admit to naughtiness. See below.) or a hand. No hands on video. Oh well, you get some you lose some.

Gamblers was a great run on a super tricky lateral gamble. Missed one dog walk, but that was the only miss on day one or two. Second place anyways.

Grand Prix... um. Mostly nice! The weaves were at the start, hiding in a nest of jumps (her favorite!). She blew the exit twice to drift over to one particularly close jump. (Dog says I still don't see why we couldn't do the jump.) I did have to say "no" which usually makes her melt but she did surprise me by continuing with decent speed. Encouraging!

Snookers, well, definitely the low point! Normally our strength. Icky layout, but I thought I had a plan she'd like. I guess not! We had a nice start, then lost her to a tunnel. I thought I was pretty clear, hard cross, "turn" command and "jump," but it was a no-go. When she can out of the tunnel to me she tried to crawl up my shorts. Pretty sure she knew that was an oops! (Dog says Yup. See, I admit it! I could NOT resist that tunnel. But I came right back!!)

On Jumpers I tried very hard to drive from behind, but she was kind of scared! She kept looking back like, don't step on me! (Dog says Its true. I was very suspicious.) I think this is because it came after Snookers and Grand Prix.

GREAT day.
Jumpers to start. Icky course to run in the dew. No room to open up due to off course options She ran extremely tight (despite the fact that I layered the whole thing) and in control for a Q. Very slow for her though. Maybe she just hadn't woken up yet? (Dog says You should have gotten me a Red Bull too.)

Standard, Q, nice run. Very fast for her. She leaned up on three legs on the table though during the count and lost threeish seconds to that. Oh well! I was happy with her time even with that delay.

Gamblers, Q, super run! Usually it's either an impressive opening and no gamble or gamble and lame opening, but this was a rare case of overall good stuff! 3rd place in a HOT class.

Snookers, SUPER Q! She started out a bit 'iffy.' But around the third red, she figured out what we were doing (Dog says Oh yeah, SNOOKERS. I thought you said sneakers so I was being sneaky.) and started blasting around. It was just what I want to see.

Overall, I think she had a lot of fun today after Jumpers was out of the way. It showed in her times and on her 'yee-haa' expression. Let's see if we can keep this Go Dog GOING tomorrow for Team!

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