Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to school

Since we've been so busy showing and training in agility we took a break from obedience class for the last part of the summer (I do like to see the inside of my house at least one night a week!). But the Dog has been growing increasingly naughty with this departure so I decided it was time for her to go back to school this week too.

She surprised me by doing better than ever on her heeling; finally she is able to keep her eyes on me. (Dog says I think it's silly that I'm supposed to watch you instead of where I am going. You are clumsy and might walk us into the gate-again!!) I did NOT walk us into the gate last night or into the pole person during figure eights, so I am getting better too. I would say she is ready to start showing there except for her recall. Much like her agility lead out, it is very slow and it's clear she is not comfortable with the concept. I am thinking I will start having someone help me do restrained recalls because it's getting kind of ridiculous. I see that she thinks something is going on or going to happen when I face her, but I just don't know what is in her mind that makes her come in so tentatively. I know part of it was that I would put her on the wait to lead out and when she hears "wait" that means "wait forever until I hear 'ok'." So when I started saying "OK, Come" it improved but only for about 2/3 of the run to me. Gotta figure out how to get that last third GOing!

After class we did some agility- weaves and fun jumping exercises. She really is starting to love the 24" weaves and actually gets some footwork going. Jumping went great, she was really moving with speed and confidence. I was good and remembered to reward the bursts of speed in the right direction with her toy.

We ended on some A-frame runs on the AKC height frame in practice for out next show. Awesome! Now that I understand my job (run forward!) she gets hers too. She was even flying the apex and still striding down and normally its one or the other. Yay! Her A is a total Go.

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