Friday, September 3, 2010

Going to MAC!

Three day USDAA trial this weekend. I decided that I should have some goals for the weekend. Or rather I should have some reasonable goals. Since we are changing our approach to performing (emphasis on speed and fun, less so on Q rate!), I can't ask the same things now. For my own accountability, I had better put this in writing...

In line with my new philosophy, I want to see:

*Dog RUN from start to finish. To achieve: I will stay out of her way as much as possible (rears instead of fronts, TELL not show what to do). I will pick courses in flow when I have the option. I will mark it ("YES! GO!") asap when I see her committing to the the right obstacle. I will run and run some more.

*Will Dog's contacts will hold up. We've been doing a lot of racing, especially on the DW to enforce it in her mind that she no longer should stop. Will they be fast? Will the show hit % be as good as the practice %?

*Competitive times, particularly in Jumpers. So many jumps, so many options, makes for so much thinking aka hesitation. To achieve: set lines and let her run ahead. Hopefully the courses will allow this!

We have a Texan this weekend; from what I can see the judge's courses favor the "run from behind" method so that should help me.

My issue here- I am a control freak! Normally, my dogs have had personalities that allow me to, nay, force me to be in charge and demanding. But it turns out, Dog is a control freak too. So as a compromise, I have to let go of the control a bit in order to let Dog GO. There you have it Dog, you get some free reign, er... leash, back. I trust you to pay attention- this is going to be a bit different than the other shows (but more like practice where you have lots of fun!). I will still be there, telling you whats up, but you are going to get some independence to make your own choices.

I think if I do my job this should work out OK.

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