Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Dog.

I heart the Dog.

Weekend is over. She was such a good girl. In standard, she received a "fly-off" call on her teeter. I suppose most people would not think of that as being a good girl, but she actually had a very nice teeter. The Dog has a running teeter and SOME judges (mostly in AKC...hmmm...) don't really judge it for what it is- in control, in the contact, and touching the ground before she departs it. OH WELL! She did her job. I won't change it because a few judges dislike it. We have faced some 'discrimination' before on the Aframe contact zone. Now as judges are getting more used to running contacts, the margin of error on the calls is getting smaller. So I won't complain TOO much more. Anyways, I am happy to report that her standard run was really amazing. FAST and smooth. The dogwalk and Aframe were exactly how I envision her performance to be.

Jumpers was very fun. She ran clean and finished her OAJ. She was also very fast- she actually got about half a course ahead of me and finished the last 8 obstacles on her own with directionals only. The crosses I snuck in were very much on the fly and, like yesterday, did not disrupt her stride. Going to keep working on this. She just started being ok with this type of cross and I am liking it!

So, this week we will be working on the high A again and full dogwalks only. Also have to work on actually laying DOWN on the table since she got by this weekend with a stand. 2011 qualifier next weekend and I'd like to get Team and a Steeple Q out of the way for next year! Also need one snooker and one gamble for her 15 Q titles and one more standard for the 10 Q title. The main goal will be to get her on the dirt and see if we can maintain her jumping and SPEED. Last shot at trialing before the BIG trial!!

Noms and TV are deserved after being so good all weekend.
No one said the Dog wasn't part sloth.

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