Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brrr... let indoor agility season commence!

Yeah, I'm cold. I will admit it. I am not hardy. The Dog LOVES the weather though. Nothing gives her the boost to GO like a breezy, drizzly day. Sigh. So out I go into the cold.

Class Tuesday was great. Happy Dog. BUT worrisome in that she missed all her contacts the first time. And since she will be even more high at the AKC show this weekend, does that mean that I have to kiss my standard Qs bu-bye? Or maybe I should get up even earlier and go run contacts before the show starts. Although when you have to get there at 6am to get crate space, this route does not seem likely.

So we went out last night to just run contacts. Two misses on the A. One leap on the DW. I am learning that if I am too far behind on the DW and she can't see me, she will leap. If I move too far ahead, she will slow into the 2o2o. NOT SURE WHY, except that maybe she is anticipating a turn or something? I really wish I knew why 'me in front' came to mean 'STOP' to her. Huh. Animal Communicator, ho!

I've also learned that her Aframe is wonderful at USDAA heights, but she cannot use that stride for the lower AKC heights. She needs an 'easy' command to check her when its low. Must remember this weekend! SO prefer USDAA heights where she can just GO! Even if it's easier for her, we will be needing to work our butts off to get the stride running correctly again for next weekend's USDAA three day in Hortonville. Flipping back and forth seems to confuse her. Confuses me at least.

Probably will go out again tonight, braving the chill (though hopefully not the downpour again, like stupid last night). At least all our shows will be indoors from now on, even if practice is outside for awhile longer.

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