Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Last night I attended a different kind of seminar- no dogs allowed, just me and my feet hopefully working together to learn to run faster.  EEK!

As incredibly nervous as I was about falling on my face, I was just too intrigued by the concept to pass up attending.  (But believe me, I had someone in line, ready to blame for everything if it all went downhill and I did happen to fall/trip/slip/die.)

Luckily, I did not fall on my face (or any other body part for that matter; sometimes my butt takes the impact); in fact, I learned I can actually be quite fast, despite the routine accusations I get of running like a girl. Personally,  I was surprised that I could also become sure-footed and coordinated; my surprise might surprise others as I also am frequently accused of having taken dance lessons at some point.  (Oh, if people only knew: I can be ah, shall we say, clumsy at times. Maybe ‘spatially unaware’ is the better phrase?  The amount of times an obstacle has been squished by my butt after I FELL ON IT because I DIDN’T REALIZE IT WAS THERE even thought it was THERE THE WHOLE TIME is such a frequent occurrence I can’t possible keep track.)   

Anyways, so this session on running was a part of the Karen Holik seminar in town this week.  She provided the remedial choreography lessons to the moves described by Eric Bobkowski, Running Guru Extraordinaire.  We went over footwork for a better front cross, forward sends, a bit on decel and also they took a look at everyone just plain running to see what advice they could give on overall form/speed improvement.   While some of the concepts were foreign (while I am a backy-uppy professional, I am apparently not versed in the art of running sideways- did I mention I failed the Electric Slide lesson in grade school gym?), there were some great ideas on propulsion and taking the right series of steps during on-course maneuvers to make the most of your momentum.   He also highlighted the importance of placing your feet in such a way as to prevent twisting which we all know can result in one heck of a knee injury. 

For me, the big points were regarding momentum (POWER FOOT!), and to remember to get on the balls of your feet to push off in those cases, and when you need to sprint.  It all felt very bouncy at first and of course, all the talk of balls made for some very interesting humor from certain spandy short wearing Pug Fans (you know who you are, missy!). However, now I will never, ever forget the seminar… even if I wanted to. Some things get burned in your mind!

It was so much fun though (somehow the x-rated participants and the awesome presenters equaled my Perfect Learning Environment) that I couldn’t resist joining the seminar added last minute with Karen later this week.  Running Contacts- of course. I can never resist that topic! (But I am always in search of another pair of eyes with regards to The Dog so we will see what she sees.   I just hope The Dog is able to show the good she has been producing lately and not just the weird…)
So this weekend, if you see a bunch of bouncy people jetting around the course you may laugh, but probably not after you see their rockin’ times!  I think we all learned a little secret to running last night so watch out!  

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  1. WOW sounds like a great seminar!