Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Milk Was a Bad Choice.

Yep, no one can sum up this weather better than Ron Burgundy.


I totally know how the candy bar The Boyfriend left on his care seat felt (i.e. melty).

But that's ok, we're completely insane so we practice dogwalks anyways. But we do this before we have our glass of milk.

Video from last night- the eureka of running continues.

She's made a connection between running the half pint and running the full size.  The bounce factor was pretty high today so her end performance was a little weird- it's hard to tell, but she is hitting very nicely.  It's just easier to for her to run with the board doesn't mimic a bouncy castle. I am really, really not complaining. She is a genius. We celebrated with a White Trash Shower (getting hosed down in the front yard).

I'm taking a bit of a break with The Pup on her equipment work. I have to hit the full DW hard with The Dog now and it's too high for a baby.  She's still a fragile little fetus and I don't want to risk any injuries. Not to mention that I am lazy and switching the sizes twice a day would make me barf from excessive activity.

So instead, she's going to work on Smart Puppy more inside. Our online class is all finished so we are on our own. We had to do a final compilation video to 'graduate' (and to get our FREE GIFT! This class was so awesomely worth it!!!) showing all our finished tricks or at least the progress we made. Here's ours- it's adorably nostaligic.  You'll see.

I may even start taking her to obedience class- gulp.  She has to get used to around working other dogs eventually. I am thinking I may split an hour between her and The Dog. The Dog can do the stands, figure 8s and recalls and The Pup can practice heeling and stays...maybe.  The only problem is the class I like which is SUPPOSED to be Novice is actually filled with dogs working towards OTCHs and crap like that who want to just drill the 'easy skills' so they will probably run screaming for the hills once they see The Pup breaking her stay to say HI to the other dogs. Sigh.

For now though, she is having fun being herself. However weird that may be.  Last night, she invented a new game.

Most of her games seem to involve barking obnoxiously to get The Dog to chase her out of annoyance. Then she tries to outrun The Dog before her butt gets bitten. This version of the game added the extra bonus level where max points seemed to be achieved by boinging off the arm of the couch as far as she could.

I call it "Poking the Bear."

Terriers are So. Weird.


  1. I *loved* your graduation video! You guys have worked hard and it's paid off! So fun to watch.

  2. Great videos! I really hope you video tape your adventures in the obedience class. I think I would pay actual money to see the looks on the faces of the OTCH seekers when your pup comes flying at their dogs. Just the thought of it makes me smile!