Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crack Puppy, Jolly Ball. Jolly Ball, Crack Puppy.

We had a really good weekend. We're in a cocoon of a Happy Place. 

Long weekends do that for us.

We showed at an AKC show Saturday and Sunday only, having recently vowed to never do three days of AKC again. But wouldn't you know, the courses were really fun (i.e. different!), the judges were all kinds of nice (i.e. forgiving!), and the days zoomed by (i.e. time left to do other things!). And gee, surprise! I found the courses to be engaging, as such, we did really well! Also, I still really don't know who the volunteer coordinator was, but they deserve many C/Ts;  no conflicts, no abuses, really a perfect job of scheduling.  Plus, I won a lovely gift card in the raffle which enabled much spending at the vendor...

So, side note, in an attempt to find energy boosters for The Dog to keep her up during the long days, I "bought" several kinds of snacks promising to deliver such results. Experiment time! We will soon see if anything works. She sure likes them (helllooooo, it's food! She'd be happy eating an old battery so long as it had some peanut butter on it.), but not sure if I believe the hype at this point. Next step is getting some Go Dog (um, how can we NOT try that product??) for the August shows. Research is fun. 

And if all else fails, I'll just ask Crack Puppy to hook her up. 

Speaking of, Crack Puppy has been up to all kinds of mischief lately (hence the return of the 'Crack Puppy' moniker).  It all started Friday when I wouldn't let her get the ribeyes we were planning to grill for dinner. With narrowed eyes she vowed revenge.  

In sum, let's just say there is no limit to the revenge a Crack Puppy can muster. 

But in between all the chaos and carnage we had lots of fun!

Crack Puppy even made a new best friend- Jolly Ball!

Um, still MINE. 
Pup in hiding. Dog very upset by lack of sharing.
Pup found. Intervention needed.
Dog satisfied.
Pup, plotting.
You wouldn't let her take it, would you?
Sorry Dog, once a hog, always a hog.
Still friends?
Um, yeah, except for those claws, I'd almost believe ya, Dog. 

Jolly good time, Jolly good nap. 
I do love a sleepy Crack Puppy.

When she is sleeping, she can't bite us... 

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