Monday, July 11, 2011

Do Not Be Alarmed.

Depending on where you were or what you were doing at about 2pm yesterday, you may have heard a loud noise, like a *Click.* Really, more like a *CLICK!*  I’m sure you were a bit concerned; it was awfully loud.  I assume it gave you such a start that you got up and had to peek out the window- maybe even check on the locks and make sure your prized possessions, like the bacon and ice cream and old school Degrassi DVDs, were safe and sound.  Probably you were a bit jumpy after that.  For a little while at least. 

Sorry about that.

But really, no cause for alarm.  Let me explain.

That click you heard?  That was the sound of the light bulb hanging over The Dog’s head-the one I thought long burnt out- finally clicking on.   It was a pretty big light bulb moment, hence the silence-shattering, ground-shaking, 9.0 magnitude noise that came along with it.

See, The Boyfriend, in his infinite awesomeness, got the dogwalk assembled on Friday.  So naturally we had to play with our new toy over the weekend to show our appreciation.   We were having our normal struggle between what I wanted The Dog to do (“Run, Forest, Run!”) and what she actually did (“…Slow down for sure then maybe leap last second??”).   I was still trying all manner of set-ups to try and elicit Run, Forest, Run but nothing was quite right.   

Then I had this little light bulb moment myself were I realized it was getting a bit too complicated.  So we cleared out the clutter internally and externally and… she did it. I’m still a bit shell-shocked. 

Here’s the video-

The first part is the pre-click montage.  Typical hit or miss- literally. Then we decluttered and came back and well, there you have it. Light bulb. *CLICK*  Whatever.  Happy.

So, sorry about the disturbance.   Hope it didn’t startle you too much.  But these things do happen- thankfully!

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  1. Woo hoo!!! She really is looking much more confident and running! I love those light bulb moments