Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gain some latitude from your attitude

Rhymes are nice.

How about your attitude?
Something that really hit home this year. Attitude counts.  It matters. And other people’s attitudes matter too. A Bad Attitude at a trial can dampen the atmosphere, and if you are me, it can dampen your spirits as well. 

One rotten egg can really spoil the cake. 

I have no earth-shattering advice for dealing with the competitor with a Bad Attitude.  Best case scenario is avoidance- tent far, far away.  Find those people that you like, or those who are at least like-minded, and put them between you and the Bad Attitude.  Surround yourself with Good Attitude- don’t eat the cake!

And then focus on your own attitude.

The thing about attitude is, it’s catching. Transferable. Communicable. While a Bad Attitude can transmit like a disease, a Good Attitude can make the rounds as well.  If you want an environment of positivity and fun- foster it in yourself first.  

Be helpful. Be the bigger person. Encourage. Say nice things to fellow competitor’s faces…and behind their backs. When someone says they can’t do it, tell them to look for what they can do.  Chip in. Be a sounding board when things go wrong, but only for so long- at some point find away to turn the Pity Bus around. Speak constructively, not destructively.  Patience. Perspective. Laugh. Love your dog. Show that love. 
Be the example.

Lift others up, and you will lift yourself.


  1. Great reminder and boy so true attitudes are like viruses they are very contagious!

  2. Straight up and to the point. Loved it!

  3. Shenna,

    Poetic post with attitude galore, like you:)

    Nancy G

  4. Love it. Single. Important. Words. To remember!

  5. LOVE this! Beautifully written, too. Especially love the suggestion to say nice things behind fellow competitors' backs. Way to little of that going on, imho :-)