Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (A Star is Born???)

So glad I was sent a link to a clip of this obscure 70’s show last week.  Hilarious! But totally relevant. Since running agility with The Pup is totally like a cheesy crime-fighting duo of chicks battling villains. 

Our Arch Enemy…the TABLE! Dastardly scoundrel.

Now each week we will employ our top secret gadgetry against him in pursuit of justice, honor and a Standard Q.
Yes, The Pup had her debut.  If you missed it… you missed a great show! In true Pup fashion, she did it with flair, originality, and just a touch of amazing to ensure her continuing survival. 

First of all, I’d like to say to everyone who secretly rolled their eyes at my seemingly bizarre behavior before we ran…TOLD YOU SO!!!! Mwaahahaha! And YOU thought I was paranoid!

Ok, so while I had HOPED that my Pup would show her mad skillz and be a complete rockstar, I suspected that, having her first run ever in Standard, at the end of the day, in front of actual PEOPLE and around working DOGS would result in some theatrics.  My main worries were a friendly maiming and mauling of ring crew, picture takers and judges, running amuck and skirting attempts to secure her leash upon exit, general escaping, and chasing furballs.  In order to prevent any of the above I may have gone a bit (some might say) “overboard” by briefing ring crew, competitors and bystanders with a Pup Protocal and testing the integrity of the ring barriers.  So what if this meant I had people closing off the exits, ring crew hopping out of the ring or squishing themselves into little invisible balls?? AT LEAST NO ONE WAS HURT!!!!!

The judge was the only one who didn’t listen very well… and look what happened to HIM!

Lesson learned.  He was new; he was going to learn one day anyways, why not now?

She fulfilled every one of my worries into fruition in Standard. Furballs- chased. People- maimed. (And maybe smacked in the junk a little.) Amuck- run. Leash- Avoided.

Oh, wait, taking it back. SHE DIDN’T ESCAPE THE RING!  That’s why we tested for integrity, people.

WHY did this happen in Standard, you ask? Gee, aren’t you the one that works so hard on the weaves and contacts and table and yadda yadda? Yes, that’s me.  And we do. But, what I hadn’t foreseen was that a five second wait is ETERNITY to a Pup who loves people and wants to see people and ooo, look, a person! Walking over and talking- must want a friend??? Well, she nearly made it to “go.” Sigh.  Pups require constant motion, apparently. Even though the table has been our #1 friend since she was 9 weeks old, the count is simply too long and boring when there are friends to be made.  And when I just stand there.  Perhaps I needed to use some Electra Woman moves to keep her attention. 
At any rate, she did a lot of good things.  AWESOME start lines.  NICE contacts, though adrenaline put her departures a bit higher than normal. HOORAY WEAVING. Jumping and response to handling was good too.  And of course, she was the Angel of Attentiveness is JWW.  Perfect little girl.  She is always sure to throw me those bones.

So for next time. DON’T LOOK AT THE PUP!

Or maybe we will train that little issue.

The Dog had a Weekend of Sadness.  Q in the first class, where she took awhile to get into the run, Q in the last where she tried her butt off but was more careful than I’ve ever known her to be.  In between…ugh. Sadness.  I thought she was being particular at first, then stressed, but after a whole weekend of signs I have settled on sore.  The weekend before we had a HUGE practice outside and I think that did her in.  So we are resting now. Chiro next week. Then she gets to be my running partner because I think she just needs real exercise.  I should put some video up in comparison of the last trial, but I don’t want much to look at it again. Once was enough to know I’m right in my diagnosis.

She did have this one dogwalk though…shazam.

We both liked that part the best.  

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  1. I wish I could have seen it! It sounds like the pup couldn't have had a better debut!