Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10% is all it takes to be 100% AWESOME

Dear agility friends,

I’m targeting you specifically, because 1) dog people are the best people, and 2) dog show people are also some of the most frivolous spenders.  At least according to society.

Yes, it’s OUR expendable income to play with how ever we want. But have you ever tallied the cost of a MACH or ADCH- or worse yet: MACH 10 or the Platinum LAA? Don’t.  I’m just making sure we all realize and accept our internal crazy person. 

But coming back to point 1.  Dog people are crazy, but they are crazy compassionate too. They never turn away a rescue in need or let a fellow competitor stand alone when the going gets tough.  Agreed? Agreed.

And I don’t want any one of you to change. Keep being frivolous with me every weekend!

What I DO want, is to challenge you though. Just a little. Show society that your crazy hearts are always in the right place. You ARE the best people.

Take the cost of ONE frivolous class entry and put it HERE.

Be the Match. Where we find people to Be the One to kick cancer’s ass.
Not the entry for a trial. Not the entry for a day. Just the cost of one class.

Think of it as that FAST class you didn’t really want to enter, or that Snookers class at the end of the day. The course was gross anyways and the plan was to go home early.

Because think of who you know. Think about the fact that something like 1 in 4 people are affected by cancer in their lifetime.  That’s a lot of our agility friends, not to mention the rest of society.
The thing is, I am SUPER proud to work for my company, the National Marrow Donor Program, better known as Be the Match.  It puts a lot of things in perspective when you are part of a network that SAVES LIVES.  I don’t. I work in Human Resources. But I support people who SAVE LIVES. Like, every day

For once though, I actually wanted to have a hand in something a bit more direct. When we held a rally for the Minneapolis/St Paul Be the One Run, I decided that would do nicely.

So I’m doing two things I never thought I’d do- running in a 5k and attempting fundraising!!

I know, a 5k is nothing. I should probably do something like “If I raise X amount, I will do (insert crazy activity here)!” but seriously, my work out regime involves being able to run fast for maybe a minute.  Not many minutes.  This will be a huge challenge for me in itself. Plus fundraising always made me so uncomfortable. It’s one thing to ask mom and dad for money, but strangers?? Friends?? Ugh.  Awkward. So my promise for raising X amount is commitment.  AND I have to miss a day at a dog show.

Like I said though- I’m REALLY proud of my company and the work we (er, they) do.  I think that, hearing the stories and the statistics, it’s a cause I’m willing to put in a bit of sacrifice and effort for.

I figure, its $100 to register a new donor.  Only half of the 10,000 needing a donor transplant each year receive one, as there is not yet a registered match for each patient. Every new donor registered then increases the odds of a match, and a transplant. And survival.  

My goal is modest. I want to raise enough to register 3 new donors.  You do the math.  If 10% of my agility friends donate 10% of their total entry from the last trial, it’s done.  10% = 100% Awesome.

So I’m running, shaking down colleagues for money, AND I donated an entry for a class (since I’m missing that day at the trial anyways!). Jeff Gordon donates like, a million dollars each year from his frivolous funds, and he is a butthead.  I think my agility friends are much better than Jeff Gordon, so I’m excited to see what they do!

And, if you want to run, here are the details! You can be 200% awesome (which I’m sure is possible) and organize your own team and fundraising efforts.

No matter WHAT you do, please Be the One to get involved. 

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