Monday, January 23, 2012

It Hurts to Laugh

Just ask me and The Pup.  

Her sense of humor has been way low this week after her spay. 

Her spay which went really well but which resulted in Sad Pup for several days.
And then Angry Pup took over.  

Angry Pup is not so easy to live with! Her cone is mighty and only enhances her naughtiness.  The Dog has been gored by the cone enough to keep a wide berth. 

Angry Pup also is harder to bring in public, on account of her being so angry. 

Angry Pup lasts just 5 minutes alone in a soft side crate before ripping out a panel and escaping (with her cone on) to go traipse around the show by herself.  This same Pup also shows off her vocal extremes for the benefit of all at said show.  

Thereby rekindling her nickname of yore- Velociraptor.

Which of course led to the purchase of one adorable dinosaur collar.

Complete with Velociraptors!
As for me, I put my back out.  Glad it happened AFTER the show and not during.  But seriously, it's my way lower spine so it really hurts to laugh.  (Why then am I torturing myself with 30 Rock?) I have my first ever chiro set up for tomorrow because I can't move so much and apparently I laugh a lot, especially if I'm in pain.  Irony?

I just hope they don't tell me its from running dogs in agility in pink minimal shoes on smurf mats. That would be bad. 
We DID have more runs than we have had in the last six months. Still not entered in everything, but lots more. It was a test to see what kind of condition The Dog is in and to see how certain things held up over the weekend.

Certain things of course being her attitude, jumping, and dogwalk.  

All three = AWESOME! 

Sure, she was tired by the last runs.  But she managed to have happy dog face on her startlines and not barfy dog face ALL weekend.  And she managed some silly Snookers plans well, which is always a sign that she's in a good mood.

And her jumping actually improved! She did have some trouble with the double though, I think we need to do some drills in the next few weeks.  Otherwise she did a very good job keeping her feet up, even when tunnels were present.  

As for her dogwalk, she had a two misses over the whole weekend, but it's ok because I know exactly why. I usually am left scratching my head if she doesn't run like I know she can so it feels like progress to have a clue.  The others were close but when I look at the video she is actually running, not just leaping from yellow. That too feels like progress. I would sure like to see her put a front foot down like she does in practice though.  I'm sort of assuming that what I'm seeing in shows is a result of the course layout.  Usually in practice I run fairly easy and FAST loads so she probably isn't used to working out the entry and exit at the same time yet.  So slow loads are on the docket (from weaves and teeters) next, then slow and icky layouts.  BUT we did practice from the table recently and that totally paid off on her best run of the weekend (table to DW in standard Saturday).  Just evidence that training pays off.
Anyways, overall a good weekend. Our team took first in the Friday  tournament and she landed a few LAA legs from the day. She also came back from two not so great first classes to sneak into third dog for points for the day.  AND. For once I did NOT biff Gamblers and had a good plan, so that was my highlight. 

Saturday we Q'd in Gamblers, which we needed, with another good plan. She nailed the gamble with zero assistance from me- if you watch the video that is the one where I just stood there.  Good dog! You're so nice to your lazy handler.  We also had a really good Standard run where I wasn't TRYING to be lazy but somehow she did some amazing things without my help.  I can't believe the little girl who misses every entry I don't babysit nailed the weaves off the dogwalk. Happiness!! (We also ran Grand Prix and it was the hardest course in forever. We had a lot of dumb errors including a refusal where The Dog made me JUMP her.  She was super fast and it was fun though! Wait, maybe jumping my dog is why my back is out?? Highest I've jumped. Ever. You are welcome Dog for not being turned into a pancake due to your silliness.)  

Sunday we ran in everything, a rarity! She did really well after running Jumpers first- got her zoomies out there.  I do like to see her enjoy Jumpers, even if it isn't quite the right course.  Then we got second in everything else which was really funny to me. I think I like saying 'we're number two!!!' and giggling.

Tee hee! 
Here's the video of our fun.  I have to say that I'm two for two on showing with zen, but we've all gotten an extra dose of some perspective around here. But I wish it didn't come as a result of a friend's terrible news. 

I love my dogs. I think it will be pretty easy to remember what 'the point' is from now on.
So that's the last week.
 Sleepy cute puppies now have this whole week off.  Then we can gear up again for THREE SHOWS IN A ROW! Oh the insanity.  AND A PRIVATE RIGHT AFTER! Which I am really looking forward to.  I think. It's a bit scary.

More on that later! 

First we have to teach my spine to bend again. 

Oh, I so hope my pink shoes aren't to blame.


  1. Poor little D dog... it's all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone!!

    The dog (and you in your spiffy pink shoes!!) is looking awesome!

  2. Lynn thought the dinosaur/cone head/squealing thing was ONE WEIRD CRITTER :) Shiv looked GREAT!!!! Really great!! I hope as heck it isn't the pink shoes.....but if it is...can I have them?? :-) Congrats on the great weekend!

  3. I hope the Velociraptor and you heal quickly!
    Congrats on the great trial! That DW cross to weaves looked especially cool!

  4. Poor little cone dog!! Makes me sad......

    the collar however is FAB!!! Those smooth coated dogs can have such FUN COLLARS!!!!! LOVE IT!

  5. Hope you and the pup are feeling better now! Also.. you have been tagged! :)