Monday, January 16, 2012

Best. Winter. Ever.

Snow bunnies aside, Minnesotans are reveling mightily in this most glorious Spring-like sham of a winter. It's not often we can brag about no snow and comfortable temps in a way that sends tears to our southern neighbors eyes.

But we can now!!

"Neener Neener Neener!! We have sun and wa-armth, Winter is a wiener!!!"

It shows no sign of stopping either. While it will be cold for a spell this week, it's going to be followed up by yet another gorgeous day next weekend. Get yer sunblock y'all.
Of course, like many, the crew and I headed out to enjoy the early Spring yesterday. We took the opportunity to get around and sop up some St Paul culture along with the sunbeams.
We trekked along, stopping off in a historic train yard. Where of course puppies were posed like train hopping hobos of yesteryear. If only we'd had some bindles for props...
Next stop, the gorgeous lake area. Even with a sheen of snow, it's still one of my favorite areas. Killer historical homes. Pretty views and plenty of places for posing pensive pups. (Woah, A+ to me for awesome alliteration...)

Bench poses...

Beach poses...


Bridge poses...
The girls had never been in a human sized tunnel before. They didn't like it.
And ending on some bomb poses!!'

It was a monument to a torpedo something or other. I forgot to read the sign. Oh well. I can still appreciate the history even if I don't know what it is.
I'm so happy for the nice day. The Pup needed a last big adventure; tomorrow she enters convalescence. Her spay has been scheduled for bright and early Tuesday.

I hate this day in my girls lives. And then the aftermath of keeping them quiet. But hopefully it will be two weeks and over and we will never have to deal with it again! And I can look forward to at least one day of Baby Seal Sweet Pup. Maybe. Not.

Oh dear... I wonder if she will leave the vet office in one piece??!!


  1. Love the photos!
    And... I can't see Dynamite being anything less than mildly "less wild" even after a big surgery such as she is having. Good luck keeping her quiet. :)

  2. I'm counting the day for Nettle! Alas, I promised to wait until after the Specialty next Fall! So, next October! I see lots of chewies in your future to keep her quite!

  3. Chewies!! Genius. Great idea, as I, sadly, think D is right. :(

  4. Good luck on surgery day!!! Hopefully she'll be cuddly for at least one day :-)