Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photo Shoot! Holiday Style.

Falalalalaaaaaa lalalalala! Tis the season to pose doggies with xmas props for entertainment purposes.
And this year, I have TWO doggies to force into Santa hats!

The Pup is fascinated with all things Christmas.  Kind of in the Jack Skeleton (twisted) way...

She REAAAALLLY liked the hat. 


Until I made her wear it. 

Same with the lights.  Though I can't say I had to make her wear those. Sigh...

 And this was the happiest she has ever been.

 The Dog is the Christmas Angel, as always. 

SHE doesn't try to eat the props...

Like some doggies...

Trying to show off the sisterly love in the holiday season.

It isn't easy.  

The Dog swears she isn't just going through the motions. 


The Pup can only hold off her ADHD so long.
The poofy ball on the hat was REALLY enticing.

I think The Dog likes her hat.

She spreads holiday cuteness along with cheer.

Merry Christmas and stuff from the Project!

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