Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Birthday Candles for Christmas

It's official. The Pup has survived year one.

And so did everyone else!

Well, everyone except Wooden Bear Ornament.

And several dozen socks.

I might be more sad that my little puppy was turning a whole year old if I thought she was anywhere close to mature.

But she's not! 

She's still my little baby.

I'm just not sure the socks will ever be safe?
Yes, 12 whole months gone. From one week:

To one year:
And so much in between.

I'm lucky, right? I feel lucky.

I'll admit it now- when I envisioned my puppy, it wasn't exactly her. I'd fallen in love with border staffys after meeting her older brother who was a red, and her older sister, a fawn with the sweetest face ever. So when the litter was born, I fell for the red girl hard. I don't think I gave The Pups week one to six pictures more than a cursory glance. I was pretty hard core in my hints that I preferred the other sisters. So I was surprised to learn that the WHITE one was going home with me. 

Then I looked at her- I mean, REALLY looked- for the first time.

Hey, she was kind of cute.

Kind looking.

The only puppy stalking the toys from the get go.

A balance disk fool.

And were those freckles coming in?

Tan AND black freckles?

I've always wanted a dog with tan AND black freckles.

And then there are all those weird noises she makes...

Yep. I'm lucky.
The Pup had her first Christmas too. 

Due to prime rib and ornament overdose, she is unavailable for comment, but trust me. The Pup loves her some Christmas. 

Random gifts? Trees in houses? Food- EVERYWHERE?

These are a few of her favorite things.

Now all that's left is all the sad posed critters by the tree with bows.

Those are some of MY favorite things.
Christmas Cat- The Pup thinks she is a gift from Santa.

So... full. Could eat some more though.
Nothing makes Black Dog stand out better than green!
Taken in the only two seconds she sat still all weekend.
50 tries later, one useable group shot.
BIG Black Dog does have ears. Swear.
Raise your paw if you love Christmas Cat!
I can haz Christmas presents NOW?
Tis the season for sharing.
...And death to evil bows.


  1. WOW!Kudos to you for getting a whole furry family shot :) I can imagine the skill it took ;)

  2. AWESOME family shot.
    And you know sounds like match made in heaven for you and Pup.
    They sure have a way to creep into your heart :-)

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